Champions Night

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Was held on Saturday 14th January 2017 at Heythrop Park.

Award winners were presented with their awards and able to celebrate their achievements with family and friends, reliving the events that brought them here.

Guest of honour was Tony Gibb, compere being Michael Hutchinson with awards also being presented by CTT Chairman Mrs. Sheila Hardy.

All pictures below courtesy of Kimroy Photography. 

Lou Bates
Michael Broadwith
Lynne Biddulph
Jackie Field
Monica Dew
Christopher Fennell
Anna Henderson
Danny Grieves
David Hargreaves
Adam Kenway
Angela Hibbs
Ian Holbrook
David Murphy
Joe Laverick
Emma Lewis
Jake Wright
Katja Rietdorf
Harvey Weinberger
Caitlin Peters
Hayley Simmonds
Richard Bideau
Eugene Cross
Julia Shaw
Henrietta Colborne
Ryan Perry
Ryan Perry