Race report - Henrietta Colborne

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The last race on my schedule was Chronos Des Nations, a UCI Time Trial in France.

Waking up on Sunday morning to hearing the patter of rain on the roof I knew it was going to be a wet race, just like racing in the UK! Setting off in the rain I negotiated the wet corners, getting all the speed out of the descents and optimizing the free speed onto the hills and flat. Catching my minute woman just before the intermediate time split I know I was doing a good ride. Coming into the later km's there were several roundabout's to deal with. Disaster struck when I pushed too hard going into the third roundabout and my back wheel went, after a quick visit to the French tarmac I had 1.5km to complete. After a swift remount of the bike I came in to finish 4th.

I am gutted to have finished off the podium by just 25 seconds, but every rider knows that's racing.

I am now looking forward to spending a couple of weeks doing easy rides and trying not to put on weight!

Happy off season everyone.