Hemel Hempstead CC (Open)(150 Riders Combined In 2 Events)(entries close 01/06/24)

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  • Date: 15-Jun-24
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: F11/10
  • Closing Date: 01-Jun-24 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Open Youth
    • Open Junior
    • Open Espoir
    • Open Senior
    • Open Veteran
    • Open Para

Result sheet

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Full start sheet including rider lists - please read all of it! 2024 Hemel Hempstead CC open 10 Start Sheet.pdf 08 Jun 24 10:49 Download


  • The event was heavily over subscribed. Well over 50 riders were rejected. This is fairly rare in modern times, but happens every year for this event
  • Riders with only estimated times do not get in to full events where other riders do have a time, even if it is slower than your estimate.
  • In this event all Youth, Junior and Para cyclists get in, everyone else gets in based upon fastest first. All Women get accepted into their event.
  • The slowest accepted rider before reserves was a 20:50.
  • The slowest reserve was 21:55.
  • A number of riders between those times might have been acceoted as a reserve but had not wished to be considered as a reserve so got rejected. If you were one of those, then maybe reconsider your thoughts for next time? I my event I cannot remember an event when a reserve that turned up did not get a ride, so it is possible you have missed out for this year.

I cannot bend the rules so no amount of pleading that you think you will be quicker will change this.

I also have not taken into consideration people travelling together to get them in - again the rules do not allow this to be taken into account. If travelling riders have got in then if I know this I will place them relatively close, or early/late as asked.

The Women's event will be after the men's event so women travelling with a man will mean the man gets placed in the 2nd half of the field (again, if I have been told).

As this event will have reserves, if you do know that you are not going to make the start then let me know as soon as you know. Email preferred or Whatsapp in the last day or so (not text!).

From this point on if you have been accepted but cannot ride there are no refunds of entry fee.

I will produce a full and proper start sheet in electronic format (pdf), so when it is sent out please take the time to read it. All the information you will need or want to know will be in it. It should be sent directly via email, but will also be available to download from the CTT event page. It should be issued before the end of this week, with a week before the event day

Please note that this is a TT Bike event, however if you want to ride a road bike, MTB or a BMX then fine, it is your choice, but it will be classed as a TT bike. There are no RB category prizes or points.

Organiser Details

Paul Thomson
07973 675052
07973 675052
43 Dinmore
Hemel Hempstead

Event Details

Event Type
15 Jun 2024 14:00
Closing Date
01 Jun 2024 23:59
10 miles
Accepted Categories
  • Open Youth
  • Open Junior
  • Open Espoir
  • Open Senior
  • Open Veteran
  • Open Para
Accepted Machines
  • TT Bike