Gary Boyd

Male , Vet , (Hub Velo )

CTT Number: 634

Member since: 18 Mar 16


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Date Event Course Distance Club Position Result Speed
03-03-2019 Hainault RC (Hilly)(SPOCO SE) e14/28 50 Km Hub Velo DNS
02-06-2019 Maldon & Dist CC (SPOCO SE) e21/50 50 Miles Hub Velo DNF
01-06-2019 Elite CC (SPOCO SE) e91/10 10 Miles Hub Velo DNS(A)
09-06-2019 Kent CA (inc VTTA Kent group Champs) q100 100 Miles Hub Velo DNS
30-03-2018 crawley wheelers cc (sporting) gs/196 41.6 Miles Hub Velo DNS
19-08-2018 wcttca&lttca d12/1 12 hour Hub Velo DNS
28-05-2018 Anfield Bicycle Club (VTTA National Championship 100) d100/2a 100 Miles Hub Velo DNF
07-10-2017 vtta (east anglia)(leo 30)(inc east anglian vtta)(cheques to east anglian vtta)(entries close 19/09/17) e2/30c 30 Miles Hub Velo DNS
13-08-2017 rttc national championship (ecca)(inc vtta national & east anglia champs)(entries close 18/07/2017) e2/12hr 12 hour Hub Velo DNF
12-05-2019 Maldon & District CC (SPOCO SE) e21/25a 25 Miles Hub Velo DNS
21-07-2018 RTTC National 24 hour Championship (Mersey Roads) (Entries close 29/6/18)(includes VTTA National Championship) d24hr 24 hour Hub Velo DNF
20-04-2019 Shaftesbury CC (MM Slower than 56.00 LTS) e2/25 25 Miles Hub Velo DNS(A)
10-02-2019 Ely & District CC (Hardriders) bs19 25 Miles Hub Velo DNF
07-10-2018 lea valley cc (spoco se)(comet 25) e1/25b 25 Miles Hub Velo DNS
30-09-2018 lea valley cc (spoco se)(crescent 30)(inc ecca championship) e1/30 30 Miles Hub Velo DNS(A)
10-03-2019 Lea Valley CC (Entries close 26/02/19) e1/25b 25 Miles Hub Velo DNF
17-03-2019 Maldon & Disctrict CC Hilly (SPOCO) e20/9 18 Miles Hub Velo DNS
23-06-2019 Blazing Saddles (entries close 12/06/2019) p885/50 50 Miles Hub Velo DNF
02-09-2018 essex roads cc (spoco se) e22/24 0 Miles Hub Velo DNS
30-03-2019 Chelmer CC (Hardriders)(SPOCO SE) e99/25 25.6 Miles Hub Velo DNF
16-08-2017 spoco sc (spoco se)(entries close 06/08/2017) e91/10 10 Miles Hub Velo DNS
11-06-2017 newbury rc h12h/8 12 hour Hub Velo DNF
12-06-2016 newbury road club h12h/8 12 hour Cycling Club Hackney DNF
20-05-2017 north norfolk wh cc b100/9 100 Miles Hub Velo DNF
28-07-2018 Chronos RT (cheques to David Creese) F2A/10 10 Miles Hub Velo DNS