Estrella Bikes Results

Results for members of Estrella Bikes
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Graham Hewson 21/07/19 AeroCoach (Men)(Aerocoach Road Bike Champs) (Road bikes only) k34/10d 44:24
Graham Hewson 11/05/19 Bromsgrove Olympique CC (inc Trike league) k33/10d 29:43
Graham Hewson 27/07/19 Rugby Racing Cycling Club k11/10t 29:39
Greg Parker 22/06/19 Alton CC/Owens Cycles (40% W) h10/8 20:26
Greg Parker 28/04/19 Charlotteville Cycling Club (Entries Close: 12-04-19) h50/8 1:50:06
Greg Parker 26/06/19 …a3crg Fifteen (Including VTTA Wessex Group Champs) P884B/15 31:22
Greg Parker 05/05/19 Welsh CA (Welsh Championship) (240 riders in 2 events) (chq to M Heritage-Owen) r25/3h 50:04
Greg Parker 17/07/19 …a3crg Mid-Week Men's Special Ten (80 rider max two events) p881r 19:43
Greg Parker 30/06/19 RTTC National 50 mile Championship (South Wales DC)(Men)(Entries close 02/06/19) R50/5 1:53:31
Greg Parker 21/07/19 (chq to M Heritage-Owen) (240 riders in 2 events) r25/3h 50:22
Greg Parker 07/07/19 Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers (Incorporating the Wessex VTTA Championship) p413/25 52:06
Greg Parker 26/05/19 Wessex Road Club (incorporating the South DC Champs) p417 DNS
Greg Parker 24/07/19 …a3crg Rapido Fifteen (Men)(80 rider max three events) P884B/15 29:47
Greg Parker 10/07/19 …a3crg Summer Ten (Men)(80 rider max two events) p881 19:41
Greg Parker 02/06/19 Sportzmad (240 riders in 2 events)(entries close 28/5/19) r25/3h
Greg Parker 13/07/19 …a3crg P884/30 1:00:03
Greg Parker 16/06/19 Welsh CA (Welsh Championship) R100/9 DNF
Isabel Sharp 15/07/19 National Youth Championship (South DC)(Utag RT)(under 17 on 31 August)(Championship Entry Forms only)(Entries Close 04/07/19) P164 23:56