Welwyn Whs Results

Results for members of Welwyn Whs
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Jeremy Chandler-Smith 22/07/17 northampton & district ca (pref to n&dca clubs) F14/25 DNS
Jeremy Chandler-Smith 08/06/14 Finsbury Park CC 50 F1/50 (NOT IN USE) 2:06:13 Claim
Jeremy Chandler-Smith 05/09/10 BTTC (Masters D) DNS Claim
Jeremy Chandler-Smith 11/09/16 norlond tt combine F2A/25 00:57:58
Jeremy Chandler-Smith 23/07/17 verulam cc F1B/25 DNS
Jeremy Chandler-Smith 04/09/11 BTTC Masters D 00:51:33 Claim
Jeremy Chandler-Smith 02/09/12 BTTC (Masters D) 00:58:47 Claim
Oliver Chapman 10/03/18 CC London (2up TTT) (Two laps)(Fee per rider) F7/10 00:47:35
Oliver Chapman 10/03/19 Lea Valley CC (2up TTT)(fee per rider)(Entries close 26/02/19) E1/25B 1:08:27
Oliver Chapman 24/02/19 North Road CC Hardriders (London North Millennium 1 of 8) F7/25 1:02:04
Edward Checkley 06/09/09 BTTC Espoirs 00:48:21 Claim
Philip Coleman 02/04/21 Welwyn Wheelers Cycling Club Hilly (London North Millennium 3 of 9) F3/50K DNS
Leon Creswick 07/04/12 Oxford City RC 10 00:23:10 Claim
James Davis 08/08/20 Coventry CC (Men) K11/10T DNS
Laurence Davis 07/04/19 Icknield RC (London North Millennium 3 of 8)Cheques payable to Icknield RC) F12/30K DNS
James Davis 02/05/21 Coventry CC (Men)(120 riders) K11/10T
James Davis 17/04/21 Stratford CC K33/10D 00:28:50
Laurence Davis 24/03/19 Hemel Hempstead CC (London North Millennium 2 of 8)(90 riders) F11/22 1:06:31
Jamie Dene 24/09/17 minehead cycling club (preference to women) UH10
Jamie Joshua Dene 30/10/16 RTTC National Championship (Matlock CC)(entries close 11/10/2016) AHC/6
Jamie-Joshua Dene 24/09/16 exeter wheelers cc S/STOKE HILL
Jamie Dene 19/09/20 Kingston Wheelers CC GH/42
Jamie Dene 05/10/14 Bath CC HC (Y) UH40 00:00:00 Claim
Jamie Dene 28/10/18 RTTC National Hill Climb Championship (DIW Wheelers)(Entries close 09/10/18) OHC/9
Jamie Dene 22/10/17 matlock cc AHC/6