Bishop's Stortford CC 28.5

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  • Date: 09-Apr-12
  • Time: 00:00
  • Distance: 28.5 Miles
  • Course: unknown
  • Closing Date: 09-Apr-12 00:00
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Position Img First Name Last Name Gender Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 Simon Rushton Male 1:05:05 26.274 Mph Claim
2 Niall Digby Male 1:06:28 25.727 Mph Claim
3 Dean Parkes Male 1:08:00 25.147 Mph Claim
4 Nicholas Latimer Male Senior 1:08:38 24.915 Mph
5 Hugh Vivian Male Finsbury Park CC 1:08:45 24.873 Mph Claim
6 Ian Bibby Male Finsbury Park CC 1:09:42 24.534 Mph Claim
7 Pete Barton Male Chelmer CC 1:09:59 24.434 Mph Claim
8 James Endicott Male Chelmer CC 1:10:19 24.318 Mph Claim
9 Edward Renwick Male Oxford City RC 1:11:04 24.062 Mph Claim
10 Clive Richardson Male Chelmer CC 1:11:36 23.883 Mph Claim
11 Rob Chaplin Male East London Velo 1:11:41 23.855 Mph Claim
12 Graham Painter Male Chelmer CC 1:11:48 23.816 Mph Claim
13 Tim Kearley Male 1:11:50 23.805 Mph Claim
14 George Wood Male 1:12:29 23.592 Mph Claim
15 Richard Parrotte Male Shaftesbury CC 1:13:31 23.26 Mph Claim
16 David Clarke Male Vet 1:14:41 22.897 Mph
17 Simon Gent Male Shaftesbury CC 1:15:57 22.515 Mph Claim
18 Nick Jackson Male Cambridge CC 1:16:23 22.387 Mph Claim
19 Anna Grundy Male Look Mum No Hands! 1:17:10 22.16 Mph Claim
20 Paul Sexton Male Colchester Rovers CC 1:18:15 21.853 Mph Claim
21 Bob Jones Male Cardiff 100 Miles RCC 1:19:52 21.411 Mph Claim
22 Gary Wood Male 1:19:54 21.402 Mph Claim
23 Gregg Bridger Male 1:20:39 21.203 Mph Claim
24 Mark Alsop Male 1:23:20 20.52 Mph Claim
25 David Solomon Male Whitewebbs CC 1:27:09 19.621 Mph Claim
26 Susan Wood Male 1:35:02 17.994 Mph Claim
27 Lea Marshall Male Essex Roads CC 1:35:25 17.921 Mph Claim
DNS Ian Turner Male North Road CC Claim
DNS Jim Read Male Colchester Rovers CC Claim
DNS Sue Rogers Male Crest CC Claim
DNS James Redfern Male Claim
DNS Charles Crowson-Valentine Male Bishop's Stortford CC Claim
DNS Mark Steers Male Vet Hainault RC
DNS Simon Ginger Male Shaftesbury CC Claim
DNS Amy Forshaw Male Hemel Hempstead CC Claim
DNS Ross Clarke Male Team Milton Keynes Claim
DNS Richard Somerset Male North Road CC Claim
DNS Keith Spence Male Bishop's Stortford CC Claim
DNS Steve Sexton Male North Road CC Claim
DNS David McLean Male Cambridge CC Claim
DNS Ben Lewis Male Finsbury Park CC Claim
DNS Chris Sheppard Male Claim
DNS Colin Monk Male Bishop's Stortford CC Claim
DNS Neal Marrin Male Finsbury Park CC Claim
DNS Gwen Cook Male Essex Roads CC Claim
DNS Dave Bamford Male East London Velo Claim
DNS Jonathon Bishop Male Ford CC Claim
DNS Bill Caton Male Whitewebbs CC Claim
DNS Alan Nye Male Claim
DNS John Iszatt Male Team Vision Racing - Silverhook Claim
DNS Matt Haigh Male Essex Roads CC Claim
DNS Nick Hastler Male Essex Roads CC Claim
DNS Erron Field Male Chelmer CC Claim
DNS Rhys Jackson Male Bishop's Stortford CC Claim
DNS Ian Short Male API-Metrow Claim
DNS Tony May Male North Road CC Claim