Kent Valley RC 10

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  • Date: 22-Jun-13
  • Time: 00:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: unknown
  • Closing Date: 22-Jun-13 00:00
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Position Img First Name Last Name Gender Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 Tom Black Male 20:34 29.173 Mph Claim
2 Warren Gell Male RT - Fitted and Tailored Car Covers 20:52 28.753 Mph Claim
3 Jason Bateman Male Pendle Forest CC 21:09 28.368 Mph Claim
4 Martin Worner Male Vet Teesdale CRC 21:49 27.501 Mph
5 Paul Boardman Male Barrow Central Wheelers 22:14 26.986 Mph Claim
6 Martin Parish Male Senior 22:34 26.587 Mph
7 Gary Tye Male 22:37 26.528 Mph Claim
8 Russ Richardson Male Teesdale CRC 22:42 26.431 Mph Claim
9 Simon Phillips Male Vet Pendle Forest CC 22:49 26.296 Mph
10 Thomas Thornely Male Senior Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 22:53 26.219 Mph
11 Andrew Barlow Male 22:56 26.162 Mph Claim
12 Chris Smedley Male 23:04 26.011 Mph Claim
13 James Simpson Male 23:05 25.992 Mph Claim
14 Andy Cosgrove Male Teesdale CRC 23:07 25.955 Mph Claim
15 Gary MacKintosh Male 23:12 25.861 Mph Claim
16 Sam Clark Male Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 23:14 25.824 Mph Claim
17 James Risk Male Weaver Valley CC 23:18 25.75 Mph Claim
18 Tony Peach Male 23:19 25.732 Mph Claim
19 Andy Horner Male 23:35 25.441 Mph Claim
20 Dougi Hall Male 23:48 25.209 Mph Claim
21 Paul King Male Vet 23:49 25.192 Mph
22 Gary Burns Male Harry Middleton CC 23:51 25.157 Mph Claim
23 Russell McLean Male 23:54 25.104 Mph Claim
24 Ian Wilcock Male 24:04 24.93 Mph Claim
25 Paul Jaffrey Male Weaver Valley CC 24:16 24.725 Mph Claim
26 Stewart Mounsey Male 24:19 24.674 Mph Claim
27 Stuart Blackburn Male 24:52 24.128 Mph Claim
28 Michael Barlow Male Lancaster CC 24:55 24.08 Mph Claim
29 Stuart Baker Male Senior Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 25:32 23.498 Mph
30 Philip Ball Male 25:37 23.422 Mph Claim
31 Robin Sheddon Male 25:40 23.376 Mph Claim
32 Chris Scaife Male Vet Teesdale CRC 25:40 23.376 Mph
33 Andrew Dent Male Pendle Forest CC 25:48 23.255 Mph Claim
34 Michael White Male 26:49 22.374 Mph Claim
35 Neil Hughes-Hutchings Male 27:07 22.126 Mph Claim
36 Martyn Uttley Male Vet Barrow Central Wheelers 27:16 22.004 Mph
37 Neil Stirling Male 27:21 21.937 Mph Claim
38 Nigel Clegg Male 27:36 21.739 Mph Claim
39 Bob Duckworth Male 30:12 19.867 Mph Claim
DNS Bernard Clayton Male Pendle Forest CC Claim
DNS Michael Coward Male Claim
DNS Craig Wilson Male Claim
DNS Steve Wilkinson Male Claim
DNS Ian Hesler Male Claim
DNS Dave Poulter Male Claim
DNS Roger Wrenn Male Macclesfield Wheelers Claim
DNS Mark Percival Male Velo Club Cumbria Claim
DNS David Robinson Male Claim
DNS David Stamp Male Claim
DNS Gary Sedgwick Male Vet
DNS David Chell Male Claim
DNS Anthony Blair Male Claim
DNS Paul Fleming Male Claim
DNS Peter Crofts Male Claim
DNS Cyril Wynne Male Stretford Wheelers CC Claim
DNS Simon Morton Male Senior
DNS Tony Workman Male Claim
DNS Stephen Jagger Male Claim
DNS Steven Fidler Male Claim
DNS David Turner Male Claim
DNS Chris Anderson Male Claim
DNS Paul Watson Male Claim
DNS Frank Anderson Male Claim
DNS Charles Crookes Male Team Swift Claim
DNS Mike Irvine Male Withington Wheelers Claim
DNS Christopher Little Male Claim
DNS Jon Barry Male Lancaster CC Claim
DNS Alexander Foster Male Claim
DNS George Nowland Male Ribble Valley C&RC Claim
DNS Jennifer Woods Male Claim
DNS David Bason Male Claim
DNS Arthur Thomas Male Claim
DNS Mick Black Male Claim
DNS Steve Elcocoks Male Claim
DNS Eleanor Barlow Male Lancaster CC Claim
DNS Michael Smith Male Claim
DNS Delwyn Jones Male Claim
DNS Jonathon Baines Male Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles Claim
DNS Paul Russell Male Claim
DNS Sam Mansfield Male Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles Claim
DNS David Edge Male Claim
DNS Richard Durham Male Team Swift Claim
DNS Paul Eatwell Male Claim
DNS Mike Westmorland Male Vet
DNS Will Mansfield Male Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles Claim
DNS John Ingham Male Claim
DNS Tim Bennett Male Claim
DNS Mark Harrison Male Houghton CC Claim
DNS David Clough Male Claim
DNS Glenn Bowyer Male Claim
DNS Sue Cheetham Male Claim
DNS Simon Baines Male Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles Claim
DNS Harry Haseley Male Claim
DNS Ian Whittell Male Claim