Matlock CC

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  • Date: 24-Oct-21
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 1 Km
  • Course: AHC/1
  • Closing Date: 12-Oct-21 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Nichols and Owen climb to victories on Matlock CC Riber climb

  • Published: 24 Oct 21
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Andy Nichols

Andy Nichols (Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion) and Frances Owen (Fibrax Wrexham RC) showed their credentials ahead of next week’s National Hill Climb Championships by winning on the Riber Road hill climb organised by Matlock CC.

Nichols, aged 31, took his seventh victory of the hill climb season in a time of three minutes and 29.6 seconds on the climb over 1.1 kilometres.

The Matlock CC event used the shorter version of the Riber Road hill climb with an average gradient of 11% but the steepest section of 20% coming towards the top with two tough corners to navigate.

The steepest part of the climb was made tougher by a strong headwind and heavy rain showers which led to wet and slippery road conditions.

Nichols, who also won on Monsal earlier this month in an event organised by Sheffrec CC, showed his form on the steep climbs once again taking victory by five seconds ahead of team-mate Kieran Wynne-Cattanach.

David Fellows (Solihull CC) led the battle for third recording a time of 3-38.7 which was five seconds quicker than Jonathan Morris (AeroCoach) (3-43.6).

The men’s course record of 3-21.6 stands for another year.

Spindata had predicted a victory for Nichols but the 31-year-old went four seconds faster than the forecasted time of 3-33.

Ryan Williams (Beeston Cycling Club) was the quickest juvenile rider covering the course in a time of 4-17.3.

Meanwhile the veteran’s category was a close battle with Paul Hamblett (AS Test Team) the fastest with his time of 4-18.5 just four hundredths of a second quicker than Tony Cope (Leek CC - Den Engel Belgian Bar) in 4-18.9 while Andrew Laidler (Sitwell Cycling Club) was third just a single second back (4-19.6).

In the women’s category Owen added another victory to her tally for the season covering the course in four minutes and 31.8 seconds.

Owen went one better on this occasion than her second placed finish in the Rutland CC hill climb and will also be in action at next week’s National Hill Climb Championship.

Spindate had predicted that Owen would record a 4-26 time and despite going slightly slower in the slippery conditions her time was enough for victory by a minute and three seconds.

Alison Dockney (Market Drayton Cycling Club) led the battle behind taking second in 5-29.2 while juvenile girl Maia Howell (Matlock CC) finished third overall (5-55.7).

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1              Andy     Nichols Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion       03:29.6

2              Kieran   Wynne-Cattanach           Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion       03:34.8

3              David     Fellows Solihull CC           03:38.7

4              Jonathan             Morris   AeroCoach          03:43.6

5              Adam    Kenway Team Brother UK             03:48.0

6              Joe         Shillabeer            Clifton CC York  03:51.9

7              Leon      Wright  Race Hub             03:53.9

8              David     Scott      MULE .C.C.          03:55.3

9              Matthew             Cleave  The Service Course          03:56.6

10           Martyn Stewart East Lancashire RC           03:59.2

11           Freddie Jagger   Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion       03:59.9

12           Ewan     Mackie Ilkeston Cycle Club           04:00.1

13           James   Pearce  Solihull CC           04:01.7

14           Tobi       Ng          Team PB Performance   04:05.6

15           Josh       Coyne   Bpm Coaching   04:06.0

16           Kirk        Vickers Holohan Coaching Race Team     04:06.3

17           Benjamin             Jordan  University of Sheffield Cycling Club           04:07.2

18           Ben        MacKinson          Apache Brave Racing       04:11.3

19           Cameron             Walker  St Ives CC             04:13.5

20           Tom       Andrews              Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion       04:15.1

21           Callum  Dixon    Kingud Factory Racing    04:15.9

22           Luke      Hind       Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion       04:16.1

23           Ryan      Williams               Beeston Cycling Club      04:17.3

24           Sam       Marshall               Trash Mile           04:17.6

25           Paul       Hamblett             AS Test Team     04:18.5

26           Tony      Cope     Leek CC - Den Engel Belgian Bar 04:18.9

27           Andrew Laidler   Sitwell Cycling Club          04:19.6

28           Adam    Millington            Team PB Performance   04:19.9

29           Michael Shute    Mid Devon CC    04:23.1

30           Iwan      Parry     Anglesey Cycling Group 04:26.9

31           James   Byatt     Ilkeston Cycle Club           04:27.6

32           Darren  Miller    Fusion Cycling Club Dronfield      04:29.5

33           Brendan               Hirst       Rugby Racing Cycling Club            04:29.8

34           Kit           Buchanan            Solihull CC           04:31.1

35           Frances Owen    Fibrax Wrexham RC         04:31.8

36           Simon   Warren Norwood Paragon CC     04:31.9

37           Matthew             Sparkes Beeston Cycling Club      04:32.8

38           Steven  Morrow               Chorlton Velo    04:34.9

43           Ewen     Ross       Matlock CC         04:37.2

39           Tom       Hazelton              Ilkeston Cycle Club           04:40.7

40           Paul       Armstrong          Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion       04:44.8

41           Scott      Palmer  Bridgnorth Cycling Club 04:46.0

42           James   Davenport          VMCC powered by Y Beic              04:46.6

44           Joel        Barnett Belper BC             04:49.3

45           Chris      Green   Matlock CC         04:50.4

46           Matthew             Coates  OVB       04:50.6

47           Barnabas             Pickford               University of Nottingham C C      04:55.0

48           Emil        Howell  Matlock CC         04:56.1

49           Tim         Glenie   Ilkeston Cycle Club           04:57.9

50           Christopher        Riley      Paramount CRT 04:59.9

51           Phillip    Lovett   Backpedal           05:01.0

52           Robert  McGregor           Paramount CRT 05:08.3

53           John      Hind       Bolsover and District CC 05:16.4

54           Matthew             Calvert  Matlock CC         05:17.7

55           Laurence             Warren-West    RAMcc  05:18.2

56           Harrison               Fay         Welland Valley CC            05:24.7

57           Paul       Fox         South Normanton C C     05:25.8

58           Richard Davey   Matlock CC         05:28.5

59           Alison    Dockney              Market Drayton Cycling Club       05:29.2

60           Cameron             Coley-Smith       Stourbridge CC  05:32.2

61           Gisli        Jenkins Sherwood CC     05:37.5

62           Maia      Howell  Matlock CC         05:55.7

63           Andy     Newham             Lincoln Wheelers CC       06:23.7

64           Lilja        Raine          06:25.8

65           Luke      Atkins   Matlock CC         07:05.0

66           Ian          Pike  (Trike)        Lincoln Wheelers CC       07:08.7

67           Gary      Wright (Trike)    Lincoln Wheelers CC       12:01.0