RTTC National 12 hour Championship (WCTTCA & LTTCA )(WCTTCA 9 of 11)(Entries close 28/07/20)(Inc. VTTA National Championship)

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  • Date: 23-Aug-20
  • Time: 06:00
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  • Course: d12/1
  • Closing Date: 28-Jul-20 23:59
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Wild and Mackenzie crowned National 12-Hour champions

  • Published: 24 Aug 20
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Christina Mackenzie

Adam Wild (GS Metro) and Christina Mackenzie (Stirling BC) were crowned National 12-Hour Champions after the title race near Prees in Shropshire on Sunday.

Wild, the 23-year-old GS Metro rider, covered a provisional 294.90 miles to take the win by just 1.27 miles from Brian Fogarty, who had been ahead for much of the final few hours after a puncture cost Wild around 13 minutes mid-way through the event.

And 43-year-old Mackenzie covered a provisional 251.64 miles to take the women’s title, giving her some consolation after her latest attempt at the Land’s End to John O’Groats record had to be postponed until next year because of Covid.

Her margin of victory was more comfortable than Wild’s, with runner-up Fiona Burnie (GS Metro) being 11.96 miles down.

“For the first six hours it was going to plan, I was cruising along and hitting my numbers,” said Wild. “Then, bang! I had a puncture and it threw the whole thing off.

“I hit a bit of gravel on a tight left hander. I had seen the gravel on the first lap but I got unlucky, it went straight down and I almost came off. The support crew were fantastic. I punctured in one of the most awkward places, but they were straight there with a spare wheel, and it was a real team effort.

“After the puncture I didn’t really know what was going on, but my dad told me I could still win it. I was about 13 minutes down on Fogarty at the six hour mark after the puncture, so I just had to crack on and settle in because there was a long way left.

Adam Wild

“In the last few hours I made up the time and caught him for the win. Maybe having a rest for 13 minutes helped me to finish stronger.

“It’s pretty cool to have the 100 title and the 12-hour! The 100 was definitely an aim for me, but the 12-hour was such an unknown because I’ve never done a 12-hour before so I just didn’t know what I could do. I just did my ride.

“I didn’t really know what mileage I might do. 300 is the gold standard, but I had heard it wasn’t a fast course. After I drove the course on Saturday I didn’t think it was a 300-mile course, so I’m pleased to get so close to it. If I hadn’t punctured, I don’t know if I might’ve got 300.”

MacKenzie similarly had to downgrade her expectations because of the course change but was still happy with her performance.

“Initially we were looking at 260 miles which would’ve been a new PB for me. But due to the course change and roadworks it was hillier, and the weather conditions meant I was just looking at getting round and finishing with a decent mileage towards the end.

“For the last hour I was at about 238, so I kept pushing on to get over 250, but the last hour was hard on the finishing circuit. I gave it everything, and was pretty happy with how it went. I put everything out there in the end.

“My plan was to do Land’s End to John O’Groats this year, but because of Covid we’ve postponed it to this year. But I had done so much training for it with 839-mile rides, so rather than putting the training that I had done for that to waste when I saw the CTT national 12-hour was going ahead I thought I may as well see what I can do.

“I’m going back now to focussing on LEJOG training, getting the miles in and working towards next year.”

In the team event, Wild teamed up with Carl Donaldson and Andrew Scorey as GS Metro took the title with a provisional 864.30 miles, around nine miles better than the Arctic Aircon trio. There was no women’s team taking part.

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Provisional Results:


1. Adam Wild (GS Metro)      294.90 miles

2. Brian Fogarty (Fogarty’s Insurance Tri Team)       293.63

3. Jonathan Shubert (Arctic Aircon RT)         291.76

4. Carl Donaldson (GS Metro)           289.80

5. Andrew Whiteside (Bella in Sella Racing) 283.92

6. Tom Thornely (Buxton CC)           283.13

7. Daniel Colman (Arctic Aircon RT)            283.09

8. Darren Yarwood (Almerico Vive le Velo) 282.66

9. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)    281.84

10. Josh Crow-Stewart (Arctic Aircon RT)    280.50



1. Christina Mackenzie (Stirling BC) 251.64 miles

2. Fiona Burnie (GS Metro)    239.68

3. Joanna Cebrat (Bury Clarion CC)  236.40

4. Lisa Davis (trainSharp)       235.83

5. Amanda Lane (Bynea CC) 230.31

6. Lynne Biddulph (Born to Bike)      230.04

7. Ede Harrison (Liverpool Braveheart BC)  226.28

8. Kimberley Pickett (Bicester Millennium CC)        219.64

9. Emma Bexson (Stratford CC)        217.52

10. Brigid Night (Frodsham Wheelers)          214.33