Muckle CC (Prospect Hill)

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  • Date: 18-Oct-20
  • Time: 09:30
  • Distance: 0.9 Miles
  • Course: MH21
  • Closing Date: 11-Oct-20 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
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Bell and Farran clinch course records in Muckle CC climb

  • Published: 18 Oct 20
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Tom Bell (High North Performance) and Hannah Farran (Team Boompods) set new course records on their way to victories in the Muckle CC hill climb event on Prospect Hill.

Tom Bell. Credit: Darran Moore Photography

Scratch rider Bell recorded a double victory last weekend and was again top of the podium positions setting a best new time of three minutes and 24.5 seconds on the climb in the North East of England.

Meanwhile Farran continued her nationals preparation with another victory and course record of 4-54.7.

Prospect Hill is 1.6 kilometres in length with an average gradient of 7.5% and maximum of 11.8% with six switch-back style corners.

The event brought the 2020 season to a close for the North East District and riders were treated to dry and still weather for the event.

Bell, aged 30, recorded his fifth win of the season taking victory by 24 seconds on this occasion.

Marcus Cram (Blaydon CC) won the GS Metro hill climb but had to settle for second on this occasion in 3-48.6 while Roddy Weir (Muckle Cycle Club) finished third in 3-55.4.

“I had a good look at the course on Street View before the event, so we chose not to set off too early this morning in order to recce it,” said Bell.

“I had a good idea what my pacing strategy would be for the climb, and today went well for me. 

“I felt really good throughout – I took it a bit easy on three of the corners as they were quite damp and covered with leaves so I just backed off a little bit for those then put the power straight back down again. 

“I knew what the course record was, so I was aiming for around the 3-30 mark.  It was a very still morning – a tail wind would have been nice, but I’ll take a still day over a headwind.

“This is my last event before next weekend’s nationals.  The Streatley climb is a bit on the short side for me – ideally, a climb of three to four minutes suits my physiology better – so a bit less anaerobic and more cardiovascular aerobic is my strength, rather than sheer power. 

“We’ll have to see how it goes.”

Colin Atkinson (Muckle CC) was quickest veteran clocking 4-00.8 which was good enough for seventh overall ahead of Graeme Wardale (South Shields Velo CC) in 4-06.5 and Nick Spencer ( taking third in the veteran’s category in 4-09.5.

Quickest junior was Benjamin Johnston (Racing Metro 15) in 4-05.1 while Euan Dinning (Gosforth RC) was fastest juvenile in 4-52.5.

Hannah Farran Credit: Darran Moore Photography

In the women’s category Farran has won a host of events this season including the GS Metro and Stockton Wheelers events and was again top of the tree.

Grace Inglis (Muckle Cycle Club) finished second to Farran in the GS Metro event and took the runners-up spot again on this occasion in 4-58.6 while Josie Cram (PMRR) finished third in 5-07.2.

“I was really pleased to take the win today and the course record,” said Farran.

“It’s my favourite hill climb of the season and the final one in the region so it’s extra special to take the win.

“I’m looking forward to nationals now!”

Rebecca Wren (Racing Metro 15) was quickest junior girl finishing in 6-07.6 while Sian Salter (North Tyneside Riders CC) was best veteran in 7-43.5.


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1 Tom Bell High North Performance 03:24.5

2 Marcus Cram Blaydon CC 03:48.6

3 Roddy Weir Muckle Cycle Club 03:55.4

4 Matty Smith Muckle Cycle Club 03:56.9

5 Andy Richardson Muckle Cycle Club 04:00.0

6 Adam Martin Newcastle Cheviot CC 04:00.0

7 Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club 04:00.8

8 Nick Munro Royal Air Force Cycling Association 04:04.4

9 Benjamin Johnston Racing Metro 15 04:05.1

10 John Bowman Muckle Cycle Club 04:06.5

11 Graeme Wardale South Shields Velo Cycling Club 04:06.5

12 Nick Spencer 04:09.5

13 Tom Harcourt Team Bikestop Tyrekey 04:10.8

14 Peter Hawkins Muckle Cycle Club 04:14.4

15 John Russell Team Bikestop Tyrekey 04:15.5

16 Ryan Greaves Team HUUB 04:16.7

17 Lewis Wake Team Kirkley Cycles 04:17.5

18 Josh Craven Muckle Cycle Club 04:17.9

19 Tony Fawcett Newcastle Cheviot CC 04:20.6

20 Noel Stoddart Blaydon CC 04:20.6

21 Matthew Williams Muckle Cycle Club 04:20.8

22 Rafe Williams Team Bikestop Tyrekey 04:21.4

23 Joe Thorp Team HUUB 04:22.1

24 Josh Reid Gosforth RC 04:22.3

25 Christopher Wilcock Muckle Cycle Club 04:22.4

26 Brian Ward Protech Velo 04:22.8

27 Lewis Timmins Vector Racing 04:24.0

28 Fergus Robinson Team HUUB 04:26.5

29 Mark Pinder AIMS Cycling 04:27.6

30 Ben Flanagan Derwentside CC 04:28.5

31 Harry Riches Muckle Cycle Club 04:29.0

32 Joe Leiserach Blaydon CC 04:30.1

33 Edward Kingsley Darlington Cycling Club 04:32.9

34 Michael Harcourt Team Bikestop Tyrekey 04:36.0

35 Graeme Kirton South Shields Velo Cycling Club 04:36.8

36 Jay Pitt Derwentside CC 04:39.1

37 Joe Reed Muckle Cycle Club 04:39.8

38 Max Lutz-Atkinson Team HUUB 04:41.3

39 Nick Badcock Team Kirkley Cycles 04:41.6

40 Ethan Richards Team Hubb 04:44.8

41 Guillaume Zoppi North Tyneside Riders CC 04:45.5

42 Joe Stringer Muckle Cycle Club 04:46.6

43 Sam Leng AIMS Cycling 04:52.3

44 Euan Dinning Gosforth RC 04:52.5

45 Brendan McMillan Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC 04:53.2

46 Hannah Farran Team Boompods 04:54.7

47 Paddy Blundell Muckle Cycle Club 04:55.6

48 Ian Taylor 04:55.8

49 Michael Noble Muckle Cycle Club 04:56.3

50 Sam Goss Virtual Cycling Club 04:57.2

51 Simon Walker Muckle Cycle Club 04:57.3

52 John Sample Protech Velo 04:58.1

53 Peter Stokoe Reifen Racing 04:58.1

54 Jamie Ruddell Protech Velo 04:58.3

55 Grace Inglis Muckle Cycle Club 04:58.6

56 Nicholas Weddle Protech Velo 04:58.8

57 Craig Berry Reifen Racing 05:00.7

58 Barry Fordham Cestria C.C. 05:01.6

59 Colin Blacklock Muckle Cycle Club 05:04.7

60 Greg Charlton Muckle Cycle Club 05:04.8

61 Hal Kennedy North Tyneside Riders CC 05:04.8

62 David Martin Holmfirth C C 05:04.9

63 Gareth Swindells Tricademy 05:07.2

64 Josie Cram PMRR 05:07.2

65 Daniel Thompson North Tyneside Riders CC 05:07.3

66 Ben Walker Muckle Cycle Club 05:07.6

67 Callum Martin Blaydon CC 05:08.6

68 Dean Madden Barnesbury CC 05:09.3

69 Brian Johnson Reifen Racing 05:09.5

70 David Keenan Dumfries CC 05:12.7

71 Alex Turner Muckle Cycle Club 05:13.0

72 Joanne Rea Blaydon CC 05:13.9

73 Phil Hall Velo Culture 05:16.7

74 Gary Lawless Muckle Cycle Club 05:17.6

75 Chris Sherratt Muckle Cycle Club 05:19.8

76 Lukas Quiney Derwentside CC 05:20.5

77 Philip Gilbanks Muckle Cycle Club 05:22.2

78 Philip Parsley Muckle Cycle Club 05:22.9

79 Lee McCarron Vector Racing 05:23.2

80 Jeff Haywood Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC 05:23.8

81 Daniel Saba Vector Racing 05:25.4

82 Richard Francksen Allen Valley Velo 05:29.7

83 Marcus Rasmussen Tyneside Vagabonds CC 05:30.4

84 David Goodwin Newcastle Cheviot CC 05:36.6

85 Ryan Parkinson Muckle Cycle Club 05:43.2

86 Michael Trow Blaydon CC 05:43.6

87 Barry Kelly Barnesbury CC 05:46.4

88 Derek Billham North Tyneside Riders CC 05:47.4

89 Scott Robertson Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC 05:49.2

90 Gavin Quiney Cestria C.C. 05:50.0

91 Alex Ingham AIMS Cycling 05:52.2

92 Harris Hall Velo Culture 05:56.7

93 Sean Harrion South Shields Velo Cycling Club 06:00.7

94 Georgia Campbell Blaydon CC 06:07.0

95 Rebecca Wren Racing Metro 15 06:07.6

96 Angela McGurk Blaydon CC 06:11.0

97 Dom White Blaydon CC 06:18.6

98 Sam Atkinson Cestria C.C. 06:27.9

99 Stefan Pietruszka Muckle Cycle Club 06:30.9

100 Mick Chappel North Tyneside Riders CC 06:50.7

101 Joe McMillan Blaydon CC 07:16.8

102 Lee Charlton Newcastle Cheviot CC 07:32.4

103 Sian Salter North Tyneside Riders CC 07:43.5

104 Alistair McLean Team Kirkley Cycles 09:20.8

105 Ian Stanners Muckle Cycle Club 11:23.3