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  • Date: 14-Apr-19
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: u375
  • Closing Date: 02-Apr-19 23:59
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    • Espoir
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Schubert and Dickerson on top in Somerset

  • Published: 14 Apr 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Megan Dickerson

Jonathan Schubert and Megan Dickinson were the fastest male and female respectively at the Bath CC 10-mile time trial on Sunday morning.

Dickerson (Bristol South CC) clocked a time of 22-28 to be crowned the fastest women, set a new women’s course record and achieve a tenth-place overall finish.

The 22-year-old has already achieved numerous victories throughout the new open season including two in one weekend at the end of March.

She topped the podium at both the Bristol South Cycling Club 25 and The University of Bristol CC 10 and will be hoping to continue her fine form throughout the remainder of the season.

Jonathan Schubert (Arctic Tacx RT) clocked a time of 21-02 to set the fastest time by any rider that day.

Schubert adds this victory to the second place finish he achieved at both the Maidenhead & District CC two-up 15 and The University of Bristol CC 10 during March.

The 32-year-old most notably secured a fourth-place finish at the Nation 100-mile Championships in September 2017.

Tony Chapman (Frome & District Wheelers) clocked a time of 21-41 to claim the second spot on the podium.

This is the 47-year-old’s first podium finish of the season, with his highest finish thus far being fourth at the Bristol South CC 25 at the end of March. Chapman last topped the podium at the Severn RC 25 in February last year.

The final step on the podium went to Phil Stonelake (Bristol RC) who finished his run with a time of 22-01.

This was Stonelake’s first podium finish of the new season with the rider last achieving a podium spot at the Team for 200 hill climb in October of last year where he finished third.

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1. Jonathan Schubert (Arctic Tacx RT)          21.02

2. Tony Chapman (Frome and Dist Wh)        21.41

3. Phil Stonelake (Bristol RC)            22.01

4. Robert Borek (Bristol South CC)   22.05

5. Chris Massey (CES Sport)  22.09

6. Ed Pitt (Salt and Sham CC)           22.16

7. Joe Peatson (Bikestrong-KTM)      22.19

8. Steve Potts (VC St Raphael)          22.20

9. Michiel Vaal (CES Sport)   22.28

10. Megan Dickerson (Bristol South CC)       22.28



1. Megan Dickerson (Bristol South CC)         22.28

2. Jess Atkinson (Team 22)     23.47

3. Jennifer Allum (PMR)        24.03


Veterans on std: Steve Potts   +5.19