Muckle CC (Prospect Hill)

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  • Date: 20-Oct-19
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: MH21
  • Closing Date: 08-Oct-19 23:59
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Huck and Inglis climb the quickest in Northumberland

  • Published: 20 Oct 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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David Huck

Grace Inglis and David Huck were fastest female and male in the Muckle CC hill-climb on Prospect Hill in Corbridge on Sunday.

Huck (Barrow Central Wheelers) surprised himself by topping the overall timesheets as well as being the only rider to breach the four minute barrier.

The 31-year-old from Cumbria posted a time of 3-54.8 which stood strong as the last six riders failed to better it.

If believed, the win was Huck’s first since 2017 on record.

“I rode the National at Hedley on the Hill in 2017 and really like riding over this part of the country,” he said. “The hill is a fair bit longer than my ideal kind of climb, so we’ll have to see how next weekend goes at the Nationals! 

I don’t think I’ve had my best day today to be honest, so it was a surprise to learn that I was fastest. I had quite a bit of tyre slip – it was wetter and more slippery than when I rode it earlier today for the very first time – it’s a really good hill, the switchbacks make it really interesting.”

Host club rider Matty Smith and Andy Richardson finished second and third respectively; Smith timed 4-04.5 while Richardson clocked 4-05.6.

Grace Inglis

Grace Inglis made sure Muckle CC would claim victory in their home event as she took the women’s prize.

Inglis clocked a time of 5-02.5 to finish ahead of impressive riders such as Hannah Farran and Sarah Wilkinson.

“I’ve only ever competed in BUCS hill climbs in the past. I was going to give today my best shot as preparation for the BUCS hill climb next weekend, but I knew that there were some really strong women down to ride. 

After today’s result, I’ll definitely be doing more Open events next season.  The support on the hill was amazing – you get such a buzz from that,” said Inglis.

Hannah Farran (Team Boompods) was second in 5-07.7 while Sarah Wilkinson (Blaydon CC) finished third in 5-13.5.

Colin Atkinson (Muckle CC) was fastest veteran in 4-07.9 in fifth overall, Benjamin Johnston (Berwick Wheelers CC) was quickest juvenile with a time of 4-32.5 and Ethan Richards (Racing Metro 15) quickest junior in 4-44.6.

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Benjamin Johnson


1. David Huck (Barrow Central Wheelers)     3:54.8

2. Matty Smith (Muckle CC)  4:04.5

3. Andy Richardson (Muckle CC)      4:05.6

4. John Bowman (Muckle CC)           4:07.5

5. Colin Atkinson (Muckle CC)         4:07.9

6. Graeme Wardale (Team Bikestop Tyrekey)           4:08.0

7. Nick Spencer (          4:11.0

8. Jamie Johnson (Barnesbury CC)    4:13.2

9. Dave Diston (Muckle CC)  4:21.5

10. Wilson-Jay Brown (PM Racing UK)       4:22.0



1. Grace Inglis (Muckle CC)  5:02.5

2. Hannah Farran (Team Boompods) 5:07.7

3. Sarah Wilkinson (Blaydon CC)      5:13.5