Barnesbury CC (inc. N&DCA 25 Championship)(Cheques to S Dyson)

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  • Date: 21-Jul-19
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: m2510
  • Closing Date: 09-Jul-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Burnie and Wild on top in County Durham

  • Published: 21 Jul 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Fiona Burnie and Adam Wild

Adam Wild and Fiona Burnie topped the podium at the Barnesbury CC 25-mile time trial that took place near Three Horse Shoes in Northumberland on Sunday morning.

Espoir Wild (GS Metro) topped the podium in the men’s event and set a new course record with a time of 48-40 and became the first rider to go sub 50 minutes for a 25-mile course in the North East district.

“I’m pretty buzzing with that ride!” he said. “There was a lot of talk beforehand about me getting the first 49 on an M course and then Spindata predicted me a 48!”

“Today was a good practice run before the National 25, as I’m a bit out of touch with shorter races at the minute. I basically rode it at 50 pace and then went full gas for the last six miles.  I’ll hopefully pace things better next weekend.

“It’s always nice to be part of a good team performance and Fiona continued her exquisite 2019 form with a solid win.”

Fiona Burnie (GS Metro) topped the standing in the women’s event after finishing her run with a time of 56-38.

“I was very much looking forward to today because I’m having a blast doing time trials now that I have a time trialling bike,” said Burnie. “I was aiming for a 57 to 58, so I’m delighted with 56-38.”

Neil Lawson

“We had a lot of good performances for GS Metro today – it’s always nice to race with club mates and it was particularly good that Adam had a phenomenal ride, getting the CR by nearly two minutes.”

Keith Murray (Drag2zero) finished his run with a time of 50-50 to clinch the second spot on the podium and Tom Hutchinson (Team Kirkley Cycles) finished third with a time of 51-04.

The fastest junior rider on the day was Sam Murray (Drag2Zero), who managed to carve 2-15 off the course record he set in 2018 in the same event to record 53-05.

Musselburgh RCC veteran Neil Lawson made the long trip south to try to secure a sub-hour time for 25 miles, and he went home happy with a 59-55.

The Stan Sadler Trophy for the fastest Barnesbury CC novice went to Michael Charlton with 57-32, while the Jack Burnley Trophy for the best Barnesbury CC rider on handicap went to William Sharman.

Phil Hall (Breeze Bikes) was top over-40 veteran, while fastest over-50 was Phillip Kennell (GS Metro) and Nev Martin (GS Metro) was best over-60 rider.

William Sharman

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Pos   Name  club  gender      cat   time

1     Adam  Wild  GS Metro    Male  Espoir      48:40

2     Keith Murray      DRAG2ZERO   Male  Veteran     50:50

3     Thomas      Hutchinson  Team Kirkley Cycles    Male  Senior      51:04

4     Lewis       Timmins     Team Swift  Male  Senior      52:08

5     Michael     Gill  University of Nottingham C C Male  Espoir      52:33

6     Sam   Murray      DRAG2ZERO   Male  Junior      53:05

7     Philip      Kennell     GS Metro    Male  Veteran     53:16

8     Phil  Hall  Breeze Bikes RT  Male  Veteran     53:30

9     John  Routledge   Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      53:46

10    Ian   Norris Male  Veteran     53:57

11    Nick  Badcock     Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      54:05

12    Harry Walker      Revolver Racing  Male  Veteran     54:13

13    Simon Clark GS Metro    Male  Veteran     54:18

14    Nicholas    Stevenson   Wearside Triathlon     Male  Veteran     54:31

15    Neil  Pendrich    SVTTA Male  Veteran     54:36

15    Ken   Thursby     Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     54:36

17    Terry Wilkinson   Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      54:41

18    Nev   Martin      GS Metro    Male  Veteran     54:51

19    Ben   Lane  GS Metro    Male  Veteran     55:02

20    Neil  Wilkinson   Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     55:17

21    Chris Mather      Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     55:19

22    Jamie Johnson     Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      55:51

22    Michael     Todd  Derwentside CC   Male  Senior      55:51

24    Daniel      Dixon Revolver Racing  Male  Junior      56:09

25    Michael     Sloanes Male  Senior      56:10

26    Adam  Smith North Shields Polytechnic Club     Male  Senior      56:34

27    Fiona Burnie      GS Metro    Female      Senior      56:38

28    Mark  Whaley      Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     56:48

29    Peter Stokoe      Sunderland Clarion     Male  Senior      56:51

30    Russell     Hughes      Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     56:58

31    Kyle  Spence      Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Senior      56:59

32    Ian   Taylor Male  Veteran     57:00

33    Michael     Charlton    Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      57:32

34    Adam  Wilson      Cramlington CC   Male  Veteran     57:33

34    Adam  Harrison    Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      57:33

36    Christopher      Beaty Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      57:36

37    Christopher Wayman      EMC Cycling Male  Senior      58:02

38    Gemma Frost Team Swift  Female      Senior      58:19

39    Simon Emsley      Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     58:28

40    David Symes Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     58:30

41    Brian Johnson     Reifen Racing    Male  Veteran     58:40

42    Michael     Lynch Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     58:46

43    Neil  Parkin      Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     59:05

44    Ian   Simon Breeze Bikes RT  Male  Veteran     59:09

45    Paul  Richardson  Wearside Triathlon     Male  Senior      59:10

46    Cameron     Scade Dumfries CC Male  Veteran     59:14

47    Tom   Guy   Sunderland Clarion     Male  Veteran     59:15

48    Martin      Rasmussen   Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     59:16

49    David       Linsley     Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC    Male  Veteran      59:18

50    David Swainson    Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     59:19

51    Keith Davison     Hadrian R.T Male  Veteran     59:30

52    Roger Clarke      Tyneside Vagabonds CC  Male  Veteran     59:35

53    Neil  Lawson      Musselburgh RCC  Male  Veteran     59:55

54    Richard     Tyson Rock to Roll CC  Male  Veteran     1:00:00

55    Joanne      Rea   Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      1:00:06

56    Lee   Mccarron    Barnesbury CC    Male  Senior      1:00:52

57    Paul  Robson      Houghton CC Male  Veteran     1:01:42

58    Keith Sibbald     Zeus CRT    Male  Veteran     1:02:00

59    Richard     Glennie     Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     1:02:50

60    William     Sharman     Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     1:02:52

61    Ian   Gallon      North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Veteran     1:02:53

62    Paul  Wright      Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      1:03:35

63    Andrew      Thorp North Racing     Male  Senior      1:03:42

64    Stephen     Mcintosh    Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     1:04:19

65    Joe   Dixon Gosforth RC Male  Juvenile    1:04:46

66    Teri  Bayliss     Muckle Cycle Club Female      Veteran     1:05:06

67    Angela      Mcgurk      Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      1:06:25

68    Barry Holyoak     South Shields Velo Cycling Club    Male  Veteran     1:06:42

69    Raymondo    Bell  Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     1:06:48

70    David Donaldson   Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     1:07:50

71    Claire      Harlow      North Tyneside Riders CC     Female      Senior      1:10:10

72    Paul  Mitchell    Blaydon CC  Male  Veteran     1:10:26

74    Gareth      Davies      Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     1:23:45

73    Ronnie      Thompson    Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     1:28:33

      Jo    Scott Team Swift  Female      Veteran     APOL

      David Pritchard   Kennoway Road Club     Male  Veteran     DNS

      Stephen     Hill  Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     DNF

      Mick  Bradshaw    GS Metro    Male  Veteran     DNF

      Dean  Madden      Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     APOL

      Ross  Ketteridge  Gala CC     Male  Veteran     DNS

      Mark  Herbert     Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     DNS

      Venda Louise     Pollock     Blaydon CC  Female      Veteran     DNF

      Howie       Buckingham Allen Valley Velo Male  Veteran     APOL

      Julian      Macbride    Team Kirkley Cycles    Male  Senior      APOL

      James Allen Barnesbury CC    Male  Veteran     APOL

      Nicola      Mccoy Muckle Cycle Club Female      Veteran     APOL

      Ross  Gray  Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      APOL

      Jason Robson      Derwentside CC   Male  Veteran     APOL

      Lee   Statham     Houghton CC Male  Veteran     DNF

      Paul  Hollick     Houghton CC Male  Veteran     DNS