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  • Date: 18-Feb-18
  • Time: 08:30
  • Distance: 13.6 Miles
  • Course: GS/292A
  • Closing Date: 07-Feb-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Bradbury and Lethbridge fastest in Gil Jessop Memorial TT

  • Published: 18 Feb 18
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Alice Lethbridge.

Ed Bradbury and Alice Lethbridge both broke the course record on their way to victory in the Gil Jessop Memorial 13.6-mile time trial, staged by Kingston Wheelers in Surrey on Sunday morning.

JLT Condor professional Bradbury sliced 49 seconds from the old course record when he clocked 29.18 for the GS292a near Hungry Hill, Ripley, beating John Dewey’s time from last year’s event.

And Lethbridge – the event organiser who rode for Drag2Zero – covered the course in 34.41 to beat her own record from two years ago by 23 seconds.

Bradbury’s time was 55 seconds quicker than runner-up Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC), while Pat Wright (Paceline RT) - the winner of last week’s Southdown Bikes 34km time trial - was 1-34 behind Bradbury’s pace in third.

“It was a really quick morning – this event is normally run in cold conditions, whereas this was the first time I’ve worn shorts in about three months,” said Bradbury, 25 and from London.

“I had it in the back of my mind that I might get the course record, but you can never be sure. But there was an extra £100 if the record was broken, so that was a bonus.

“There was a bit of a headwind for all the uphill sections, but the biggest difference was the warm temperature.

“This was the first time I’ve ridden this event. I’m back in the UK for a while between riding the Herald Sun Tour and New Zealand Classic, then I’m off to Majorca soon for the rest of the winter.

“This season is looking exciting for me, I hope to ride the Tour of Japan, the Tour de Yorkshire and maybe even the Tour of Britain.”

The winner of last season’s women’s British Best All Rounder and national 12-hour and 100-mile record holder, 33-year-old Lethbridge’s time of 34.18 was around four and a half minutes quicker than the next best female, Helen Gravatt (London Women’s Racing CC).

“I was really surprised to break the record again as I’ve done over 130 miles of training in the last few days,” said Lethbridge. “But the warm weather really helped.

“Apart from a little bit of overnight rain which left the roads a bit slippery, it was ideal conditions. I wasn’t targeting the record – I just wanted to do my best and remind myself how to ride the time trial bike again!”

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Pos      Name Club      Gender            Cat      Time

1          Edmund          Bradbury         JLT Condor     Male    Senior  29:18

2          Liam    Maybank         Twickenham CC         Male    Veteran           30:13

3          Pat       Wright Paceline RT     Male    Senior  30:52

4          Thomas            Whatley           Paceline RT     Male    Senior  31:17

5          Keith   Lea      Paceline RT     Male    Veteran           31:25

6          Jamie   Pine     Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT          Male    Veteran           31:25

7          Andrew           Bradbury         Paceline RT     Male    Senior  31:52

8          Henrik Persson            Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  32:17

9          Mark    Aldred Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  32:44

10        Ben      Elliott Paceline RT     Male    Senior  32:59

11        Neil     Grunshaw        Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  33:04

12        NEIL   HARRIGAN  Gravesend CC            Male    Veteran           33:46

13        Rowan Brackston        London Dynamo         Male    Senior  34:01

14        Seb      Ashton            Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  34:07

15        Alice    Lethbridge      DRAG2ZERO            Female Senior  34:18

16        Simon  Mumme           Paceline RT     Male    Senior  34:31

17        David  Garratt Onyx RT         Male    Veteran           34:36

18        Tom     Herbert            Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  34:38

19        James   Griffin trainSharp        Male    Senior  34:43

20        Richard           Pearce  Paceline RT     Male    Senior  34:58

21        Leigh   Schvartz          Team Swindon Cycles            Male    Senior  35:01

22        Harry   Bunnell            Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  35:05

23        James   Black   London Dynamo         Male    Senior  35:11

24        Simon  Trehearn          Kingston Phoenix RC Male    Veteran           35:36

25        Jonathan          Pontin  Addiscombe CC         Male    Senior  35:36

26        Tom     Coombe           Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  35:47

27        Martin Winter Twickenham CC         Male    Veteran           35:57

28        Duncan            Emery  Twickenham CC         Male    Veteran           36:07

29        Damien            Breen   Brixton Cycles Club   Male    Senior  36:15

30        Ewan   Tuohy  Dartford Road Club   Male    Senior  36:17

31        Liam    Smith   Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  36:35

32        Dale     Lush    Kingston Phoenix RC Male    Senior  37:12

33        Daniel  Loveday          Charlotteville Cycling Club    Male    Veteran           37:24

34        Alex    Reid    Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  37:28

35        Alexander       Kew    Kingston Phoenix RC Male    Veteran           37:57

36        James   Cheeseman      Crawley Wheelers       Male    Senior  38:06

37        stuart   stow    Twickenham CC         Male    Veteran           38:09

38        Nick    Eisinger           Dorking Cycling Club Male    Veteran           38:36

39        Helen   Gravatt            London Women's Racing CC Female Veteran           38:56

40        Lenka  Vackova          Rapha Cycling Club    Female Senior  39:12

41        Anna   Harborow        Brixton Cycles Club   Female Senior  39:26

42        Chris    Jolliffe Crawley Wheelers       Male    Veteran           39:39

43        Derrick            Thirlwell          Kingston Wheelers      Male    Veteran           40:04

44        Ronn   Fraser  Kingston Wheelers      Male    Veteran           40:06

45        Ria       Woodfield       Kingston Wheelers      Female Senior  40:09

46        Rupert Bole     Kingston Wheelers      Male    Veteran           40:15

47        Simon  Pontin  Addiscombe CC         Male    Espoir  40:21

48        Esme   Cole     Kingston Wheelers      Female Senior  40:35

49        Dominic          Trevett Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior  40:53

50        Helen   Bridgman        Kingston Wheelers      Female Senior  40:57

51        Natarsha          Tremayne        Stomp the Pedal          Female Veteran           41:12

52        David  Percival           Kingston Phoenix RC Male    Veteran           41:25

53        Suzanne           Shaw   Kingston Phoenix RC Female Veteran           41:25

54        tony     venus   Dorking Cycling Club Male    Veteran           41:29

55        Gary    Baker   Reading CC    Male    Veteran           43:23

56        Gill      Thom   Kingston Wheelers      Female Veteran           43:48

57        Jack     Hartrey            Kingston Wheelers      Male    Juvenile           44:27

58        Laura   Wilkey Crawley Wheelers       Female Senior  44:54

59        David  Eccles  Redmon CC    Male    Veteran           45:15

60        sean     taylor   Redmon CC    Male    Senior  45:21

61        Nigel   Robathan         Dorking Cycling Club Male    Veteran           45:23

62        Robin  Johnson           Brighton Mitre CC      Male    Veteran           47:07

63        Pippa   O'Brien            RT PODA       Female Veteran           49:39

            T-Y      Hsia     Kingston Wheelers      Male    Veteran          

            Dean    Kirkwood        Kingston Wheelers      Male    Veteran          

            Mark    Griffiths          RT 316            Male    Senior 

            Benoit Ramsay           Paceline RT     Male    Senior 

            Helen   Sharp   Twickenham CC         Female Senior 

            Michael           Bradley           CC Bexley      Male    Senior 

            Peter    Griffiths          Dorking Cycling Club Male    Veteran          

            michael            gates    Chew Valley Cycling Club     Male    Senior 

            Daniel  Sharp   Charlotteville Cycling Club    Male    Veteran          

            Adam  Stone   North Road CC          Male    Senior 

            Dan     Cole     Dorking Cycling Club Male    Veteran          

            Dan     Pullen  Crawley Wheelers       Male    Veteran          

            Craig   Swatton           Crawley Wheelers       Male    Senior 

            Matt    Peel     C and N Cycles RT     Male    Senior 

            Craig   Lawrence        Kingston Wheelers      Male    Senior