Sunderland Clarion (N&DCA Championship)

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  • Date: 17-Jun-18
  • Time: 07:30
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: M254
  • Closing Date: 05-Jun-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Wild and Frost take Sunderland Clarion victories

  • Published: 18 Jun 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Adam Wild

Adam Wild set a new course record on his way to victory in the Sunderland Clarion 25 on Sunday, while Gemma Frost was the fastest female in the event near Ponteland which incorporated the Northumberland and Durham CA Championships.

Wild led a one-two for GS Metro, clocking 52-07 to shave 34 seconds from the previous course record and take the win by 59 seconds from team-mate Danny Grieves, while espoir Zeb Kyffin (Ribble Pro Cycling) took third spot.

Frost (Team Swift) clocked 1-00-46 to win the women’s prize by 3-40 from Joanne Rea (Blaydon CC).

It was a warm day for the championship event, and early riders were treated to relatively quiet roads. It got busy towards the tail end of the field, but conditions stayed ideal with warm, dry and slightly overcast conditions.

Gemma Frost

In other categories, Collin Humphrey (Derwentside CC) was the fastest rider on a road bike, clocking 55-51 for 11th overall, while Ronnie Thompson (Derwentside CC) was top over-70/80 veteran with 1-18-15 after recently turning 80 years old.

In-form Thomas Prentice was a non-finisher due to a mechanical, although GS Metro still took the team prize with Wild and Grieves being joined by Ben Lane in the winning trio.

Another rider in great form, Team Bottrill’s Adam Jarps was fastest junior.

Wild has improved greatly over the last 12 months. His previous best time for the M254 course set in July last year was 54-23, more than two minutes slower.

Peter Baggaley

The M254 course uses the A696, starting just north of Newcastle airport and heading north west, turning at Kirkwhelpington and heading back down.

For 21-year-old Wild, the victory is the latest in a string of good results. He secured ninth in the National Circuit Championships earlier this month, having won the Cramlington CC 10 and Tyneside Vagabonds 40.3-mile test in May.

And Frost’s win was open victory number six, the 35-year-old from Consett having been fastest female in the Blaydon CC 18 and Alnwick CC 13 earlier this month, as well as winning the Derwentside CC 9.9, the Houghton CC 10 and the North Tyneside Riders 27.

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Position    Name  Club  Gender      Category    Elapsed

1     Adam Wild   GS Metro    Male  Espoir      52:07

2     Danny Grieves     GS Metro    Male  Senior      53:06

3     Zeb Kyffin  Ribble Pro Cycling      Male  Espoir      53:14

4     Thomas Hutchinson Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  Senior      54:28

5     Phil Hall   Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Vet   54:29

6     Lewis Timmins     Team Swift  Male  Senior      54:51

7     Harry Walker      Revolver Racing   Male  Vet   54:54

8     Anthony Jackson   Nottingham Clarion CC   Male  Senior      54:59

9     David Nearney     South Shields Velo CC   Male  Senior      55:22

10    Adam Jarps  Team Bottrill / Vanguard      Male  Junior      55:44

11    Collin Humphrey   Derwentside CC    Male  Senior      55:51

12    Jack Levick Tuxford Clarion C C     Male  Espoir      55:58

13    Ben Lane    GS Metro    Male  Vet   56:08

14    Darren Williamson Muckle Cycle Club Male  Vet   56:12

15    Steven Craggs     Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      56:21

16    Nev Martin  GS Metro    Male  Vet   56:40

17    Nick Badcock      Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      56:43

18    Julian MacBride   Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      56:47

19    John Routledge    Barnesbury CC     Male  Senior      56:48

20    Henning Saelzer   Houghton CC Male  Senior      56:54

21    Hedley Fletcher   Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   57:28

22    Ian Norris  Blumilk.Com Male  Vet   57:50

23    Philip KENNELL    Allen Valley Velo Male  Vet   58:11

24    Ken Thursby Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  Vet   58:14

25    Mark Strang Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Vet   58:15

26    Tom Whelan  Sunderland Clarion      Male  Espoir      58:16

27    Mark Robertson    Army Cycling Union      Male  Senior      58:20

28    Ross Gray   Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      58:45

29    Chris Mather      Derwentside CC    Male  Vet   59:23

30    Mark Tully  Sunderland Clarion      Male  Senior      1:00:04

31    Mark Herbert      Derwentside CC    Male  Vet   1:00:08

32    Jay Pitt    Derwentside CC    Male  Senior      1:00:11

33    Gavin Richardson  Sunderland Clarion      Male  Vet   1:00:12

34    Wayne Coates      Derwentside CC    Male  Vet   1:00:14

35    Peter Stokoe      Sunderland Clarion      Male  Senior      1:00:40

36    Andrew Greenhalgh Team ASL-Bolton   Male  Vet   1:00:41

37    Gemma Frost Team Swift  Female      Senior      1:00:46

38    Russell Hughes    Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  Vet   1:00:53

39    Dan Pons    Blaydon CC  Male  Senior      1:01:09

40    Paul Rider  Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  Vet   1:01:13

41    James Meadows     Cleveland Wheelers CC   Male  Senior      1:01:32

42    Mark Breeze Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Vet   1:01:42

42    Neil Wilkinson    Cestria C.C.      Male  Vet   1:01:42

44    David Symes Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   1:01:45

45    Ian Simon   Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Vet   1:01:57

46    Tom Guy     Sunderland Clarion      Male  Vet   1:01:58

47    Shaun Wilkinson   Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      1:02:09

48    Ian Elliot  Hawick Cycling Club     Male  Vet   1:02:10

49    Rick Mitford      Cestria C.C.      Male  Vet   1:02:54

50    David Linsley     Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC      Male  Vet   1:03:12

51    Michael Todd      Derwentside CC    Male  Senior      1:03:22

52    Jock Bolam  Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Vet   1:03:29

53    Mark Ambury Cramlington CC    Male  Vet   1:03:52

54    David Swainson    Derwentside CC    Male  Vet   1:04:06

55    James George Dunn South Shields Velo CC   Male  Senior      1:04:12

56    Neil Parkin Derwentside CC    Male  Vet   1:04:22

57    Paul Robson Houghton CC Male  Vet   1:04:23

58    Joanne Rea  Blaydon CC  Female      Senior      1:04:26

59    Phil Cook   Cestria C.C.      Male  Vet   1:04:54

60    Craig Foley Tricademy   Male  Vet   1:05:00

61    Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      1:05:12

62    Keith Sibbald     Cramlington CC    Male  Vet   1:05:54

63    Craig Bell  Allen Valley Velo Male  Senior      1:06:24

64    Gary Hall   Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male  Vet   1:06:25

65    Stuart Cook Cestria C.C.      Male  Vet   1:07:08

66    Mark Whaley Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   1:07:36

66    David Ballantyne  EMC Cycling Male  Vet   1:07:36

68    Sara Cummings     Blaydon CC  Female      Vet   1:08:16

69    Roy Cassap  South Shields Velo CC   Male  Vet   1:09:32

70    Peter Searle      Houghton CC Male  Vet   1:09:45

71    Grant Bezuidenhout      South Shields Velo CC   Male  Senior      1:09:49

72    Sam Dodd    Barnesbury CC     Male  Senior      1:10:11

73    Steven Marks      North Tyneside Riders CC      Male  Vet   1:10:12

73    David Simpson     South Shields Velo CC   Male  Vet   1:10:12

75    Paul Barrett      Sunderland Clarion      Male  Senior      1:10:16

76    Raymond Bell      Derwentside CC    Male  Vet   1:10:32

77    Mick Bradshaw     GS Metro    Male  Vet   1:10:46

78    Jen McMahon Muckle Cycle Club Female      Senior      1:12:13

79    Hannah Baker      North Tyneside Riders CC      Female      Senior      1:12:24

80    Jessica Beyer-Lyons     Nottingham Clarion CC   Female      Vet   1:12:26

81    Justine Norman    Breeze Bikes RT   Female      Vet   1:15:40

82    Ronnie Thompson   Derwentside CC    Male  Vet   1:18:15

83    Stephen Kerr      Sunderland Clarion      Male  Vet   1:18:34

84    Caroline Golightly      Sunderland Clarion      Female      Vet   1:18:59

86    Peter Baggaley    Sunderland Clarion      Male  Vet   1:25:07

87    Gareth Davies     Barnesbury CC     Male  Vet   1:32:00

85    Helen Parkin      Muckle Cycle Club Female      Senior      1:19:48*

      Colin Gardener    Flyte Racing      Male  Vet   APOLS

      Teri Bayliss      GS Metro    Female      Vet   APOLS

      Dan Meggison      GS Metro    Male  Senior      APOLS

      Lee McCarron      Barnesbury CC     Male  Senior      APOLS

      Carrie Brookes    North Tyneside Riders CC      Female      Vet   APOLS

      Anna Turvey Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Female      Senior      APOLS

      Colin Atkinson    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Vet   APOLS

      Lee Statham Houghton CC Male  Vet   APOLS

      Dennis Fuller     GS Metro    Male  Vet   APOLS

      Kevin Hopper      Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   dnf

      Philip Parsley    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      dnf

      Thomas Prentice   GS Metro    Male  Junior      dnf

      Michael Sloanes   Blumilk.Com Male  Senior      dnf

      Justin Ramel      Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   dns

      David Pritchard   Kennoway Road Club      Male  Vet   dns

      Patrick Deane     Tyneside Vagabonds CC   Male  Vet   dns

      Ray Robinson      Sunderland Clarion      Male  Vet   dns

      Craig Haslam      Muckle Cycle Club Male  Vet   dns

      Josh Craven Muckle Cycle Club Male  Espoir      dns

      Maddy Hall  Breeze Bikes RT   Female      Juvenile    dns

      Peter Mcewan      Breeze Bikes RT   Male  Vet   dns

      Allen Armstrong   Sunderland Clarion      Male  Vet   dns

      Kerry Gowland     Houghton CC Female      Vet   dns

*includes 1min 30 sec late start penalty (Rider 94)