Gloucester City Cycling Club (WTTA Hardriders)

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  • Date: 21-Apr-18
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: u72
  • Closing Date: 10-Apr-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Victory for Janes and Jago in Gloucester City CC 25

  • Published: 22 Apr 18
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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David Janes.

David Janes and Joanne Jago were the fastest male and female riders respectively as Gloucester City CC staged a 25-mile time trial near Maisemore on Saturday.

Part of the Western TTA hardriders series, the event used the U72 course which heads north up the A417 through Hartpury and Corse, over the M50 and up to the southern edge of Ledbury, before turning and retracing to a finish point just before the junction for Hartpury College.

Janes (Wheels of Dorset-Aero Testing) clocked 52.40 for the course to take the win by more than three minutes from Paul Atkins (Kenilworth Wheelers), while just 18 seconds further back in third was Bristol South CC’s espoir Josh Griffiths.

And in the women’s category Jago covered the course in 1-06-43 to take victory by almost four minutes from the next best female, Joanna Knight (Bristol South CC).

Joanne Jago.

The victory was the second of the season for Janes, the 36-year-old from Wiltshire, who won the Gillingham and District Wheelers 19-mile time trial on March 10, while he was second in the Bath CC 24-mile event, both of which were also rounds of the Western TTA Hardriders Series.

And for Jago, the 37-year-old Performance Cycles rider from Bristol, the win was also her second of the season. Like Janes, Jago also won the Gillingham and District Wheelers 19 back in March, but she was also second in the Severn Road Club 10 in February and third in the Bath CC 24 in late March.

In other categories, Frome and District Wheelers’ Tony Chapman was the fastest over-40 veteran in sixth spot overall with 58-52, while the fastest over-50 veteran was Carlo Toledo (Gloucester City CC), ninth with 59-49.

And the promoting club also supplied the winner of the over-60 veterans category, with Peter Errington covering the course in 1-00-59 for an impressive 16th overall in a field of 47 finishers.

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1     David Janes       Wheels of Dorset | Aero Testing | Bike Fitting Male S     52:40

2     Paul Atkins       Kenilworth Whs    Male S     55:51

3     Josh Griffiths    Bristol South CC  Male E     56:09

4     Robert Grover     Velo Club Walcot Male S     56:32

5     Lloyd Dobson      Army Cycling Union      Male S     58:41

6     Tony Chapman      Frome and District Wh   Male V4    58:52

7     Jordan Wintle     Cheltenham & County CC  Male S     59:09

8     Simon Coles       Northover VT      Male V4    59:12

9     Carlo Toledo      Gloucester City CC      Male V5    59:49

10    Luke Smith Bristol South CC  Male V4    59:54

11    Steven Cottington       Bath Cycling Club       Male V5    1:00:01

12    Simon Cox   Chippenham & District Wh      Male V4    1:00:29

13    Peter Garnett     Swindon Road Club       Male V4    1:00:31

14    Ross Mahoney      Swindon Road Club       Male S     1:00:50

15    Edward Griffin    Radeon-Cycology RT      Male S     1:00:52

16    Peter Errington   Gloucester City CC      Male V6    1:00:59

17    Paul Guest Worcester St. Johns CC Male V4    1:01:07

18    John Benjamin     Velo Club Walcot Male S     1:01:27

19    Casimir Ludwig    Bristol Road Club       Male V4    1:01:27

20    Jim Beales Dursley Road Club       Male V5    1:01:56

21    Robert Wadsworth Clevedon & District RC  Male S     1:02:20

22    Paul Winchcombe   Chippenham & District Wh      Male V5    1:02:24

23    Leigh Pinchen     Northover VT      Male V4    1:02:28

24    Les Liddiard      Team Jewson-MI Racing   Male V6    1:02:30

25    Oliver Dammone    Gloucester City CC      Male S     1:03:01

26    Mathew Bissett    Cheltenham & County CC  Male S     1:03:09

27    Ian Connolly      Ludlow CC   Male V4    1:03:20

28    Stephen White     Dursley Road Club       Male V5    1:03:30

29    Roy Carless       Swindon Road Club       Male V5    1:03:49

30    Tim Gudgeon-Osterritter       Gloucester City CC      Male V4    1:04:04

31    Derek Dowdeswell Gloucester City CC      Male V6    1:04:06

32    Chris Broad-Drake       Swindon Road Club       Male V6    1:04:09

33    Daniel Kempe      Bristol South CC  Male V5    1:04:23

34    Arran Armstrong   Velo Club Walcot Male V4    1:05:00

35    Simon Witts       Gloucester City CC      Male V4    1:05:21

36    Paul Freegard     Chippenham & District Wh      Male V6    1:05:21

37    Julian Bullas     Cheltenham & County CC  Male V5    1:05:54

38    James Coull       Ross on Wye & Dist CC   Male V4    1:06:02

39    Joanne Jago       Performance Cycles CC   Female      L     1:06:43

40    John Sirett       Dursley Road Club       Male V6    1:07:53

41    Cameron Leslie    RAF CA      Male S     1:10:14

42    Richard Emery     Severn Road Club Male V5    1:10:40

43    Joanna Knight     Bristol South CC  Female      L     1:10:41

44    Robert Hutchinson       Bristol South CC  Male V6    1:12:28

45    Tim Besien Cheltenham & County CC  Male V4    1:13:08

46    Phoebe Davis      VeloVitesse       Female      L     1:14:05

47    Mary-Jane Hutchinson    Bristol South CC  Female      L     1:19:19