north tyneside riders (2 stage hill climb)

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  • Date: 03-Sep-16
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: MH17
  • Closing Date: 23-Aug-16 23:59
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Savage wins as Team B38 dominate

  • Published: 04 Sep 16
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Reigning National Junior Hill Climb champion Kieran Savage once again showed his ability with a fantastic performance at the North Tyneside Riders two-stage hill climb held at Elsdon on Saturday.

It proved to be a day to remember for Team B38 with them taking all of the top four spots in the overall standings.

First up was the 2.2-mile Winters Gibbet course and Savage took a narrow lead, beating team mate Andy Nichols by just a second to top the standings.

Savage completed in 7.09 with Nichols clocking a time of 7.10.8. Another B38 rider, Jude Taylor was third in 7.15.9.

Savage sealed the overall victory by also winning the second climb on the 1.3-mile Bilsmoor course, powering up the hill in 4.36.6 for a combined time of 11.45.6.

Again, it was by the narrowest of margins with another team mate, Patrick Clark coming second in 4.37.5. Added to his fourth-place finish in the first stage, this was enough to give Clark second overall with 11.56.1 combined.

Andy Nichols finished third in stage two with 4.45.9 and he took third overall with 11.56.1.

Fiona Burnie took the women’s prize and like Savage was dominant, taking victory on both of the courses. The Bishop Auckland CC rider completed the Winters Gibbet in 8.49.4 and the Bilsmoor in 5.41.5.

Nicola Olive was the only other woman to compete, completing the MH9 in 11.02.7 and the MH17 in 7.16.5.

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1. Kieran Savage (Team B38) 11.45.6

2. Patrick Clark (Team B38)   11.56.1

3. Andy Nichols (Team B38)  11.56.7

4. Jude Taylor (Team B38)     12.02.9

5. Dominic Munnelly (Parentini Test Team)   12.22.4

6. Matthew Smith (Muckle CC)         12.22.9

7. Laurie Lambeth (Beacon Wheelers CC)     12.40.5

8. Adam Wild (Tyneside Vagabonds CC)     12.44.9

9. Richard Marsden (Manchester Wheelers)   12.51.2

10. Nick Badcock (Allen Valley Velo)           12.53.9

Winters Gibbet (MH9):

1. Kieran Savage (Team B38) 7.09.0

2. Andy Nichols (Team B38)  7.10.8

3. Jude Taylor (Team B38)     7.15.9

4. Patrick Clark (Team B38)   7.18.6

5. Dominic Munnelly (Parentini Test Team)   7.32.0

6. Matthew Smith (Muckle CC)         7.34.2

7. Adam Wild (Tyneside Vagabonds CC)     7.43.4

8. Laurie Lambeth (Beacon Wheelers CC)     7.47.7

9. Nick Badcock (Allen Valley Velo) 7.49.9

10. Charles Bayley (Gosforth RC)     7.56.2

Bilsmoor (MH17):

1. Kieran Savage (Team B38) 4.36.6

2. Patrick Clark (Team B38)   4.37.5

3. Andy Nichols (Team B38)  4.45.9

4. Jude Taylor (Team B38)     4.47.0

5. Matthew Smith (Muckle CC)         4.48.7

6. Dominic Munnelly (Parentini Test Team)   4.50.4

7. Laurie Lambeth (Beacon Wheelers CC)     4.52.8

8. Richard Marsden (Manchester Wheelers)   4.54.9

9. Jamie Johnson (Barnesbury CC)     4.56.0

10. Adam Wild (Tyneside Vagabonds CC)   5.01.5