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  • Date: 23-May-15
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: H10/8
  • Closing Date: 12-May-15 00:00
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL COMPETITORS Dear cyclist, As you may have noticed, this year we have a new headquarters at Bentley Village Hall. This is because we are no longer allowed to use Froyle Village Hall. Over the last few seasons an increasing number of cycling related complaints have been received by the Froyle parish council from local residents. Among the issues cited were inconsiderate parking, noise from car doors and turbo trainers (especially early in the morning), cyclists using bad language and impeding traffic by riding two abreast along the narrow local roads. Due to the amount of complaints received the council felt they had to take action and as a result banned any further cycling events based in Froyle Village Hall from the end of 2014. The consequence for us as organisers and you as competitors is that we are now left with only one option for our race headquarters for events based on the A31 – Bentley Village Hall. We are well aware that there have been similar complaints in the past about cycling events based in Bentley, so we need to take extra care not to jeopardise future use of Bentley Village Hall. With this in mind, please demonstrate consideration to the Bentley residents by doing the following: • Avoid causing extra noise and disturbance – e.g. repeated car door slamming, turbo training near houses, talking loudly etc. • Park considerately – use the village hall car park to the maximum, do not park in Hole Lane or London Road (the main road through Bentley), do not block off residents access to their houses. Park south of the cross roads on the verges. • Observe the Highway Code at all times – avoid riding two abreast on narrow sections of road and allow residents to pass quickly. • Mind your language! • Show consideration and respect for the village residents at all time Thanks for your help in maintaining the goodwill of the local residents. Remember, it is up to all of us to make sure the events based on the A31 can continue to run in the future. Event Headquarters Bentley Village Hall, Bentley, Hampshire – Numbers and signing on at the hall, allow 10 minutes to reach the start. Numbers can be exchanged for refreshments after the race. How to get to the start from the Race HQ (Approx 15 minutes riding time): From Bentley Village Hall, turn left and proceed along London Road (North East) until joining the A31 via a slip road. Follow the A31 east for half a mile to the junction (minor cross roads) just before the Bull PH. Turn right with GREAT CARE – across the dual carriageway – and retrace along the A31 for approx. 400yds to the lay-by (start point). When you have finished the event turn across the dual carriageway at the next available opening with GREAT CARE and proceed along the A31 past the start point for half a mile to the slip road leading to Bentley. Turn right at the T junction – proceeding over the A31 towards Bentley Village Hall. Important safety information – please take the time to read carefully The dual carriageway of the A31 reduces to a single lane at a point approximately three miles from the start point. The right hand lane is cross-hatched for a distance of 400yds to finish at a point opposite the Petrol Filling station just beyond the “Hen and Chickens” PH situated on the North side of the A31. Returning from the Holybourne Roundabout on the North side the road reduces to a single lane by road cross-hatching on the right hand lane commencing 200yds before the junction to Mill Court on the south side and finishing adjacent to the “Hen and Chickens” PH on the North side. Competitors are to act in a manner appropriate to competing on a single lane carriageway whilst within the restrictions imposed by the crosshatched areas. DC regulations Restriction of parking at the Start and Finish LWDC 4 No vehicles, except those of the timekeepers, shall be parked at the start or finish Reporting of breaches of local Regulations LWDC 5 All breaches of Local Regulations shall be reported in writing to the London West District Secretary Local Regulations H10/8 H10/8-1 Riders must not cross the central reservation unless using one of the specific breaks in the reservation for that purpose Local Regulations applicable to the use of Bentley Village Hall No bicycles to be taken into the hall Shoes with plates or cleats that could damage the floor to be removed before entering the hall Please make sure you use the car park to its maximum. No parking in Hole Lane or London Road - park south of the cross roads on the verges. Please park considerately and ensure villagers have sufficient space to exit their drives safely. Cycling Time Trials and Farnham Road Club strongly advise the use of a hard shell helmet meeting internationally approved safety standards and a working rear light

Organiser Details

John Cooke
07966 920595
01252 541473
30 Salisbury Road
GU14 7AL

Event Details

Event Type
23 May 2015 14:00
Closing Date
12 May 2015 00:00
Accepted Categories
  • Juvenile
  • Junior
  • Espoir
  • Senior
  • Veteran
  • Para