National Youth Championship (North East DC) (Barnesbury CC) (Under 17 on 31st August) (Championship Entry Forms Only) (Cheques to S Dyson)

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  • Date: 27-Jun-18
  • Time: 18:30
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: m102b
  • Closing Date: 16-Jun-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior

Course: m102b - description

This event is being run on the m102b course.

Start at the north end of bus stop lay-by just north of the Bassington Roundabout on the A1068. Proceed north to Plessey Checks Roundabout. Take the third exit onto the A192 eastbound to start the first of two circuits. Proceed to Crowhall Lane Roundabout. Continue straight on to the Three Horseshoes Roundabout. Encircle the roundabout and take the fifth exit to rejoin the A192 westbound. Proceed to Crowhall Lane Roundabout and continue straight on to Plessey Checks Roundabout to complete the first circuit. Encircle the roundabout and take the fourth exit onto the A192 eastbound to start the second circuit. At the end of the second circuit FINISH on the A192 westbound T the middle one of 3 road signs approx 200 metres before Plessey Checks Roundabout (sign with map of R/A). Used for Barnesbury CC Club 10's

Event Details

Event Type
27 Jun 2018 18:30
Closing Date
16 Jun 2018 23:59
10 miles
Accepted Categories
  • Juvenile
  • Junior

Course Details