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Published Title Event Name
15 Sep 19 Bailey and Callinan top the... National Youth Championship Final (Teesside DC)(Stockton Whs CC)(Under 17 on 31 August)(Qualifiers only - Automatically entered) View
15 Sep 19 Brearley and Ridsdale on to... Common Lane Occasionals (cheques payable to Pete Laud) View
15 Sep 19 Feather and Richardson top ... Beacon Wheelers View
14 Sep 19 Otley victory for Stead and... Otley CC View
14 Sep 19 Shaw and Turner take men an... East Sussex CA (entries close 05/09/19) View
08 Sep 19 Burnie breaks record, Fello... Border City Wheelers CC View
09 Sep 19 Victory for Cram and Farran... North Tyneside Riders (Winters Gibbet) View
09 Sep 19 Feather and Coates take wee... Somerset Road Club View
08 Sep 19 Ward and Page charge to vic... ECCA(ECCA Clubs only) View
09 Sep 19 Moss and Geraghty power to ... Mid-Devon CC (LMTF 09:30) View
09 Sep 19 Harris and Webb top man and... Eastbourne Rovers CC (entries close 29/08/19) View
08 Sep 19 Dan and Jessica Evans toppe... Velo Club Cumbria View
08 Sep 19 Cardiff wins for George and... Cardiff 100 Miles RCC View
08 Sep 19 Wins for Skipper and Tate i... Norwich ABC View
08 Sep 19 Guymer and Dean fight to vi... Hull Thursday RC (Inc Humberside Team Championship) View
08 Sep 19 Feather and Coates take cou... Dursley Road Club View
08 Sep 19 Archibald sets all comers ‘... Velopreda View
07 Sep 19 Clements and Webb top the p... Eastbourne Rovers CC (entries close 29/08/19) View
01 Sep 19 Cram wins second stage as W... Lancaster Cycling Club (Jubilee Tower) View
01 Sep 19 Wynne-Cattanach and Gilson ... Lancaster Cycling Club (Conder Bottoms) View
01 Sep 19 Dutch and Burden victorious... Poole Wheelers CC View
01 Sep 19 Wild and Rea on top in Nort... Tyneside Vagabonds CC (N & DCA 100 Mile Championship) View
01 Sep 19 Fennell and Langley victori... Thanet RC View
01 Sep 19 Quarterman clinches first N... RTTC National 10 mile Championship (London East DC)(Men)(Entries close 03/08/19) View
01 Sep 19 Royle and Martin on top in ... Withington Wheelers View