Course Code: GS/895

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Risk Assessment

Course Code: GS/895


CTT LONDON SOUTH DC  -   15.06 MILES COURSE  -  GS/895                                                                  Page 1







OS   REF                  DETAILS                                                                                                                                                                  DISTANCES

650142                  START at southern end of metal field gate on unclassified road, 95 yards south of  Toll Lane          0.00    0.00

                                and Church of St. John the Evangelist at Bodle Street Green and 27 yards south of derestrict



                                Proceed south to Windmill Hill where fork LEFT into Joe`s Lane. At junction with A271  by

                                Windmill Garage, turn LEFT and follow A271 through Boreham Street and down the hill to

678122                  junction with A269 (CHECK)                                                                                                                              3.49    3.49


                                LEFT, still on A271, and up hill past Kitchenham Farm to next junction signposted Ponts Green

666136                  and Woods Corner (CHECK)                                                                                                                               1.09    4.58


666194                  LEFT on unclassified road through Ponts Green to T junction with at Woods Corner (CHECK)            4.17    8.75


636201                  LEFT and follow B2096 down Carrick`s Hill and through Earls Down to Three Cups Corner (CHECK) 2.04   10.79


                                LEFT and proceed for 57 yards past telephone box to junction with Middle Lane. LEFT and follow

627185                  Middle Lane to T junction at Rushlake Green                                                                                                1.20   11.99


                                LEFT and, at corner of Geen, continue straight on through what is effectively a minor crossroads

                                formed by road round the Green bearing right and Rookery Lane on the left. Continue through

                                Great Iwood and past Sandhills Farm and Tiles Farm to FINISH at red paint mark on drain shortly

650148                  after Ebenezer Chapel on left and 53 yards south of entrance to South Cottage on the Right            3.07   15.06


COURSE NOTES                                                                                                                                                             (CR/LSDC/1099)

Prime distance added to Guidance notes, District reg. revised 05/07

Course designed and measured by Charles Robson


GENERAL NOTES  to be displayed at Signing On Point

London South District regulation: No vehicles, except those of the timekeepers and event officials, shall be parked in the

vicinity of the start and finish areas.



Competitors are requested not to warm up on the course after the first competitor has started.

Competitors are requested to show courtesy towards churchgoers at the Church of St. John the Evangelist just before

the start and at the Ebenezer Chapel just before the finish.

Details of any Additional Hazards not listed on the Start Sheet will be displayed or advised at the Signing On Point. All Competitors must read  these details when they sign on.

Competitors must exercise extra care when joining the A271 at Windmill Hill, when joining the B2096 at Woods Corner

and when joining Middle Lane just after turning Left at Three Cups Corner

No times will be given at the Finish

(A form) (Revised 29.05.07)                                                                                                                               (CR/LSDC/Course GS/895)

CTT LONDON SOUTH DC  -   15.06 MILES COURSE  -  GS/895                                                                  Page 2



Promoters should refer to the GENERIC Risk Assessment and check that all measures to reduce risk have been covered.

Promoters should also complete a SPECIFIC Risk Assessment to identify any additional risks shortly before the event, contacting The Highways Authority and briefing Competitors at the Signing On Point if necessary. On the day after the event, the Specific Risk Assessment Sheet/s must be posted to the London South Assistant Secretary (Course) – see details in CTT Handbook.

Promoters should be familiar with CTT Regulations and, in particular, the Sections “Duties of Promoting Secretaries” and

“ Abandonment or Postponement of Events” as published in the CTT Handbook.

Promoters should keep  Entry Forms, Signing On Sheets and Check Cards for one year after the event if there has  been no incident in connection with the event and for three years if there has been an incident.

Distance from Bodle Street Green village hall to start is 420 yards and distance from finish back to village is 330 yards.

Distance from start to bottom of timed climb is 5.04 miles.

COURSE DETAILS for submission on the Police Notification Form.

The Course details given below are in a format suitable for the Police Notification Form:-

GS/895  START at metal field gate just south of St. John the Evangelist Churchi in Bodle Street Green.  Proceed south to

Windmill Hill. LEFT into Joe`s Lane. LEFT on A271 through Boreham Street and past Kitchenham Farm to next junction

signposted Woods Green. LEFT through Ponts Green to Woods Corner. LEFT on B2096 to Three Cups Corner. LEFT to

Rushlake Green. LEFT and then straight on at corner of the Green and proceed via Great Iward, Sandhills Farm and Tiles

Farm to FINISH just past Ebenezer Chapel at drain on left 53 yards south of entrance to South Cottage on the right

A form revised 29.05.07



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Course Records

Solo Male
James Boyman
17-Mar-19 | East Sussex CA (hard riders)(entries close 07/03/19)
Solo Female
Joscelin Lowden
17-Mar-19 | East Sussex CA (hard riders)(entries close 07/03/19)
Solo Male (Junior)
Fabien Large
17-Mar-19 | East Sussex CA (hard riders)(entries close 07/03/19)