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Many enquiries are being received about the promotion of CTT events.

CTT’s current position is that we will continue to follow government guidelines.  Currently, the Board’s view is to keep events open and not to cancel or postpone events, although it is accepted that there may be circumstances where this is not possible.

Whereas competitors may consider themselves to be fit and healthy, consideration should be given to those who help out at the events.  All are volunteers although many may feel under pressure to “do their bit”.  Many may well be in the age categories at risk and in particular, those aged over 70.  It would appear that the older you are, the more at risk you will be.  Please consider  - many of the “older generation” are the stalwarts of our sport.  Please take care not to expose anyone to unnecessary risk.  

In all cases, please be considerate.  The health and welfare of all concerned is by far the most important consideration.

Various suggestions have been volunteered as how to help mitigate potential risk, and you may wish to consider the following:

Consider whether a marshal is absolutely necessary and whether a marshal could be substituted with additional signage.  If a marshal is necessary, marshals to make their own way to their designated point without reporting to the event HQ beforehand.  If this is done, it is recommended that the marshal reports by telephone to the event organiser to confirm that they are in place.

Event HQ
This could be used for use of the toilet facilities only.  Advise all competitors not to congregate unnecessarily at the event HQ.

Signing on
To take place outside.  Competitors to bring their own pen for this purpose or be provided with a disposable pen for use by that competitor only.  Alternatively, pens could be washed in soapy water (it is understood that antibacterial products do not work as effectively as soap, if indeed at all – strong soapy water is recommended).  Waterproof protective gloves should be used.

At the start
No pusher off.  Competitors to wait at the start with one foot on the ground and clip into the pedal once started.  In other words, a standing start.

Signing out
Competitors to use their own pen or the pen provided to them for signing on.  Please bear in mind that many competitors may not bring that pen with them so further disposable pens may be needed.

At the finish
Advise all competitors not to congregate around or to ask questions from the finish timekeeper or any other official at the finish.

Return of numbers 
Numbers should not be handled and should be put into a bin (or bins) containing soapy water which should be made available for this purpose.  Following the event, all numbers should be washed and appropriate measures taken to avoid personal contact before that is done (e.g. use of protective gloves).

Result board
This to be placed outside; alternatively, no result board although in this case results to be made available on the CTT website as soon as practicable after conclusion of the event.

Prize presentation
Consider not having one.  All competitors should be advised to make their way home promptly and not to congregate at the event HQ.

Wash your hands
The World Health Organisation advises that all should wash their hands properly to avoid spread of coronavirus.  WHO advise that one of the best and most basic protective measures that people can take against the coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently. On their website, WHO state: ‘Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.’

The “1.5 metre rule” 
Please remember the government advice about the “1.5 metre rule”.  Keep your distance from others.

Please be vigilant
Finally, please be vigilant.  Refrain from volunteering if you have any flu like symptoms.

The Board will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and will provide further updates here as and when appropriate.