Sigma Sports Classic series 2020

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The 2020 Sigma Sports Classic series is almost upon us. With just a few days left to enter the first round, entries close at 23.59 on Tuesday the 17th March. The first round promoted by 3C Cycle Club, being held over two laps of a sporting circuit before completing a finishing leg to make the total distance of 28.5 miles for each of the categories.   The new road bike category is creating a lot of interest and will be very competitive in all six rounds of the series.  The criteria for the road bike category is: 
•             No tri bars, clip on bars or Spinaci bars
•             No disc wheels.  Both front and rear wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes each.  The maximum rim depth on all wheels is 65mm.
•             No aero helmet or a helmet that covers the ears or a helmet with a visor to be used
•             Riders must not ride with their forearms resting on the handlebars at any time
The full list of the six events are as below. 

Date / start time Event District Closing date Course
29/03/2020 09:00 Sigma Sports Classic Series (1 of 6)(3C Cycle Club) South 17/03/2020 P183
10/04/2020 11:00 Sigma Sports Classic Series (2 of 6)(Buxton CC / Sett Valley Cycles) Manchester 28/03/2020 J8/3
26/04/2020 08:00 Sigma Sports Classic Series (3 of 6)(Beacon RCC) Midland 07/04/2020 K22/39
10/05/2020 09:00 Sigma Sports Classic Series (4 of 6)(Dumfries CC) Scotland 28/04/2020 WS25/01
24/05/2020 09:00 Sigma Sports Classic Time Trial Series (5 of 6)(Border City Wheelers CC) North 12/05/2020 L143
31/05/2020 09:00 RTTC National Circuit Championship / Sigma Sports Classic Series (6 of 6) London East 05/05/2020 E33/25