CTT and Kalas Partnership

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Kalas, the custom cycle wear experts and Cycling Time Trials (CTT) have partnered to launch an RTTC National Champion design jersey, the first time that the Road Time Trials Council has entered into such a partnership for their series of iconic annual championships. The distinctive new design is deliberately different to the classic British red, white and blue bands which will be familiar to many in cycling as the more traditional national champions design.

Kalas will provide winners jerseys for CTT events including the National 10 Miles, 25 Miles, 50 Miles and 100 Miles Champions, as well as other famous CTT events such as the 12 Hour, 24 Hour and Hillclimb Championships.

Kalas UK Head of Marketing, Trevor Gornall said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with CTT to bring this exciting new design to life. We have a track record of working with top teams and athletes to create high performance cycle wear. We look forward to the opportunity to share these innovations with the participants of CTT events.”

CTT Chairman, Sheila Hardy said “CTT are delighted that Kalas have joined us to celebrate our champions in this way and hope that moving forward our relationship will continue to grow”. 

The new design will first be awarded at the RTTC National Circuit Championship on 31st May 2020 near Cambridge.