FEATURE: Wild targets national goals for 2020

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After winning the overall Sigma Sports Classic Series in the elite and espoir categories last season Adam Wild has his sights on national goals this term.

The 22-year-old university student entered the series last season with his GS Metro team-mates hoping for team success.

After winning the opening round and finished second in the next three rounds overall honours looked assured.

However, a snapped chain in the penultimate race threw the series wide open before Wild secured his win at the final round.

“The Sigma Series was great fun and it was my team-mates’ idea first of all to go and ride as a team for the team prize,” said Wild.

“Living in Edinburgh as a student I live miles away from some of the rounds. I did debate whether to go to the first round near Bournemouth which was an eight-hour drive to get to.

“However, the points I got there were crucial to winning and that just shows that you have to ride every round.

“I started the rounds and started doing quite well but it still wasn’t a goal until after rounds two and three when I thought I could go on to win here.

“I had a really good run in the Sigma Series and it was a great start to the season.

“It was great fun and one of the best things I’ve done in cycling. Traveling around the country and riding on some great courses with the team and with the same a band of people at every race.

“But I don’t think I’m going to try and defend the title as it’s a massive commitment and my university studies are getting busier and busier now.

“I just can’t justify that traveling after winning the espoir, men’s and team prize.”

Along with winning the Sigma Sport Series Wild – who has been coached by Conrad Moss since the middle of 2018 - also finished second in the National 100 Championships, third in the National 25 and fourth in the National 50.

Wild’s silver in the 100 was an improvement from fifth in 2018 and the youngster is hoping to target the distance this coming season.

“It was better than I expected and to get a National medal was a big improvement and more than I thought I would get,” he added.

I definitely think the longer distances like the 50 and 100 suit me, I’ve never been overly powerful or been able to average 400 watts for a 10, but I’m quite good at keeping going.

“My favourite training sessions are longer rides and I also find longer races more satisfying. In a 10 if something goes wrong then it’s race over while in a 50 or 100 you have the whole race to sort it out.”

The National 50 takes place in Northumberland this year on the M50 course and Wild is hoping for success on roads he knows well.

“The 50 is in the North East this year where I am from so that will be a big target for me,” he said.

“I rode there as a junior on the 25 course and set a 48 on there in 2019 which was the first sub-50 in the region so I know it quite well. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve raced and trained on those roads.

“I’ve got a few ideas for targets although the Nationals aren’t until quite late on so that gives me quite a lot of spare time around my exams which is pretty good.

“I will do the local stuff early in the season but won’t ride many 10s.

“My favourite local races are the mountain time trials which suits me well although hill climbs are not my sort of effort as they are way too short and explosive.

“The University Championships in the 10 and 25 are also good early season goals and I will definitely ride them. I can barely race before them as up here the races don’t start until March.

“It usually takes me a few races to get my head back into it with riding that hard and pushing yourself that far.”

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