National Ranking System Guidance - Now Live!

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National Ranking System Guidance - Going Live on 5th March 2018


At the discussion following the 2014 National Council Meeting, it was agreed that a working party was to be established to explore whether a National Ranking System could be developed, utilising data retained within the Cycling Time Trial website.  Chaired by past National Chairman, Peter McGrath, the working party was made up of interested parties from across the time trial family.  During 2015, the party met a number of times and agreed the basis for a National Ranking System.  The proposed solution was presented to the Board who agreed to the development of the system. Following a pause in its development in 2016, due to other priorities set by the Board, the website developer produced a national ranking system to reflect the brief established by the working party.  The proposed ranking system was ghosted during the 2017 season, with the output reviewed and several small amendments incorporated.  It was confirmed at the February 2018 Board meeting that the resulting national ranking system could go live on 5th March 2018.  

What have we tried to achieve?

The brief to the working party was agreed as:

“To develop a simple system for a national, annual ranking of competitors, by ability, intended to offer potential season long targets for riders, based on finishing positions rather than times”.

System Criteria

In establishing the criteria to be adopted, a number of decisions had to be set out to ensure there is equal opportunity to gain points in the varied events across the season long events programme.  The current ranking system is based on the following criteria:

System Implementation: The system is operated, as far as possible with minimum manual input.  When an organiser inputs his results onto the website, points will be automatically allocated to the qualifying riders.  It is therefore, imperative that event organisers continue to publish their results on the website in a timely manner.  The ranking system will automatically update at midnight on the date the result is published.

Rider Identification:  The system uses the current identification system that is employed by the event internet entry system and website log in. Riders who enter events via the online internet entry system will be automatically allocated ranking points after they participate in an event.  Riders who enter events by post, who wish to participate in the rankings are required to register and log in to the website to gain a membership number.  In addition, to be included in the rankings, they will have to claim their rides (as they currently do for their profiles), following the publication of the result document on the website.

Point allocation:   The developed ranking system is based on an equal distribution system, which provides 150 points for the winner, with remaining points allocated dependant on number of entries, with the 150th rider getting 1 point.  Where the published event results show less than 150 riders, the points will be equally distribution across the number of participating riders.

Competitors points from one up to a total of 12 events will count so that, from launch, the rankings will start to build, and those who complete fewer than 12 events will be included.  When a competitor has completed 12 rides, further points will be included if they improve on previous allocated ranking points. 

With the already in-built facility to vary weighting for events, the Cycling Time Trial’s Board has agreed to uplift the point allocation to each of the National Championships and the Knight Composite Circuit Series events by the incorporation of a multiplier of 1.1.  This means the winners will be awarded 165 points in lieu of 150, whilst the 150th rider gets 1.10points.  This multiplier can be amended (increased or deleted) if considered appropriate, with further events added in the future, if required.

Female positioning in all events will be included in the overall allocation of points in the qualifying events, except where it is a woman only event, then it will be subject to the full point events allocation.

Points are awarded to all open events listed in the 2018 CTT handbook and on the website with the exceptions as listed below.

Exceptions:  The following category of open events are not allocated with points:

Those events which have “preference to” as a special condition (SC); Tandem events; Tricycle events; VTTA events where preference is given to VTTA members; 2, 3 and 4-up team trials Men/Women 

With further sorting available for:

  • 10 mile
  • 25 mile
  • 50 mile
  • 100 mile
  • 12 hour
  • 24 hour
  • Hillclimbs
  • Other Clubs

To interrogate the individual’s point total, a search facility is available by clicking on the “+” sign to the left of the individuals name.  By using this facility, all the events that the individual has accrued points for will be displayed on a drop-down screen.

Maintenance and Future Developments

With the functionality of the ranking system established, additional enhancements may be considered should a need or requirement be recognised.

If you have any comments, require further information or wish to provide feedback on the ranking system, please forward to:


Gavin Russell

28 February 2018