Cycling Time Trials Scholarship Riders for 2018

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Last year Cycling Time Trials sponsored Hetty Niblett and Jake Coward and they both enjoyed a successful season’s racing.

Cycling Time Trials are pleased to announce 6 scholarship riders for 2018; Hetty Niblett, George Elliott, Adam Jarps, Adam Robertson, Adam Robinson and Cavan Walker.

A few details on these riders:

Hetty Niblett was sponsored last year and has been signed by a Belgium club where she is aiming to perform well in road races. She is planning to compete in a number of high profile time trials during the course of the season.

George Elliott rides for Innovation Racing and performed well in National time trial events; winning the National 25m for a 15-year-old and was second in the National Closed Circuit for 16-year-old. He wants to improve his time trialling this season whilst road racing.

Adam Jarps is riding for Team Bottrill this season and won the bronze medal in the Chris Boardman Trophy and was 9th in the Junior BBAR last year.

Adam Robertson rides for Verulam CC and was the junior winner of the Knight Composite Classic Series and aims to concentrate on time trialling while racing the premier calendar series.

Adam Robinson rides for Team KTM, he won a number of time trials last year and will focus on doing well in the National Championships and continue to road race.

Cavan Walker rides for Cycle Team Onform and is the current Junior 25 TT Champion, and Junior BBAR champion as well as some notable road race results. He will be competing in the Junior competitions again this year.

The Board wishes them a successful season and look forward to periodic blogs as the season progresses.